What is the dirtiest item in your home?


Which of the following do you think is the dirtiest item in your home?

a. toilet seat cover
b. dirty socks
c. toilet bowl rim and sides
d. living room floor
e. trash bin cover
f. bar solution (used laundry soap + sponge + water)

I have my personal bet, but what do you think? All those who are able to guess the right item will be raffled off and one will win a special prize.

Ways to join:

1. Leave your answer on the comment section of this blog post

2. Post your answer on Pinay Ads wall post: (click this link https://www.facebook.com/PinayAds/posts/10150882689818722 and leave a comment)

3. Follow PinayAds on Twitter and Tweet your answer using this format:

@PinayAds, the dirtiest item in my home is _______.

The correct answer will be revealed next week.

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  1. Just posted my answer on your page and tweeted about it using the prescribed format…^_^.

  2. f. bar solution (used laundry soap + sponge + water) i think i saw the ad for this. i think it was for joy.

  3. f. bar solution (used laundry soap + sponge WaterMyPhoto.
    twitter: @chinky_baguette
    fb name: Bagel Betorin.

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