Music therapy: A panacea to all ailments

It must be sounding like a little over expression of the actual ability of music as a holistic healer. But I cannot help it after having read so much about the potential effect of music on the physical, mental and psychological wellbeing of an individual.

Music has become an integral part of our lives. You can notice just how many people listen to music with their head phones on even when they are working. With advances in technology and gadgets like smart phones, I pods andmp3 converter listening to music is like any other routine work that you cannot do without. But most of the people who listen to music day in and day out have come across that it can be a potential healer and motivator if used properly.

You cannot deny the effect of music on your mood. Have you ever noticed how a patriotic song can raise goose-bumps, or how do you feel when you hear a sad number when you have suffered a break up. Music does have an effect on human body but what is interesting to note that it is being used as a therapy to heal patients.

How does it actually work?

What prompted me to write and research on this topic was a television show on discovery which featured effect of music on child in mother’s womb. It is interesting to know that children respond to music even before their birth. What actually happens is that music is basically vibrations. These vibrations when come in contact with body cells, they affect them and the cells start responding to the vibrations.

Evidences show that music depending on its quality has effect on the blood pressure. You can try it yourself if you haven’t discovered yet. Try listening to soothing songs when you are about to sleep. Researches show that you will have a sound sleep. Music is being used as a therapy on people who have compromised sleep patterns.

Music also affects the pituitary gland secretion and improves the overall health of an individual. The pituitary is considered as the master gland and plays a pivotal role in normal functioning of human body.

It is doing wonders in the case of mentally challenged people. It is helpful in restoring the normal functioning of nervous system. Researches are still on for exploring the effects of music for healing people who are brain dead or in ‘coma’.

It is also being used as performance enhancer and improving learning process in children who have difficulty in learning things. Researches are being done to establish the role of music in improving immunity of the body against diseases as initial studies show that music does improves the immune system.

Many writers have written the role of music in human life. This is one thing that connects us to our ancestors back in the ages of Harappa civilizations and other early civilizations. Some take it as a means to connect with God, others use it to express emotions and now it is being used as a healer. There is lot more to be discovered about the potential of music and you never know it might actually lead to God someday.

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John Crude is a DJ and downloads a large quantity of music everyday. He loves to test and write about music, applications and software like mp3 converter.

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