Thank You, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day has passed and I guess it is not yet too late for us to say “Thank You, Mom” for all the unparalleled things our mothers have done to and sacrificed for us, their children, not just when we were young, but even until we grow up and raise our own families. I’m sure most of you will agree with me, right?

Being a mother is not just a simple “obligation”, instead it can be considered as the “Best Job” in the world! Watch these 2 Youtube clips that proved why motherhood is the best job:

a. Tito Boy’s Salamat Nanay Behind the Scenes:

b. Best Job in the World:

Personally, after I have watched this clips, I wondered how hard must it be for Mommy Annette to raise 4 hard-headed children, not to mention our medyo “pasaway” na Daddy. I don’t think I can make it if I were in her shoes. Because of this I really salute my mom for a job well done; and to show here how much I appreciate all her efforts and untiring love and support, I decided to write her a letter again (after 9 years!) to express how thankful I am to have her in my life plus make her a special video clip that I know will certainly put a smile on her face.

yours truly with my mom

Mom, this is for you:

Dear Mommy,

Alam ko tapos na ang Mother’s Day, but nothing can stop me from writing and posting this letter that is especially dedicated for you. Yes, I know you’ll be surprised about this whole thing; after all, nine years have passed since I last wrote you a letter, nung may “issue” pa tayo, remember mo pa yung time na yun, Mommy?

During those nine long years, many things happened – to you, to me and between us, but despite that, our bond as mother and daughter remained stronger. Wait, before ako mag emote dito, may baon ka bang tissue diyan? Kung wala, please grab a box as you’ll need that, believe me…Hehehe.

To continue, the whole essence of this letter is to let you know that I’m really thankful that God gave me you (parang song lang, no?). In fact, if I will be given a chance to choose a mother, ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin ko. True yan mother, kahit marami tayong “issue” before and that I used to think that lagi kang kontrabida sa buhay ko hanggang sa umabot sa punto na naglayas pa nga ako dahil hindi kita maintindihan noon, still, I will prefer to be your daughter, dahil narealize ko that what you did was for my welfare.

Sorry mommy ha! I was so stubborn before, na matigas ang ulo ko at madalas kitang sinusuway, kasi akala ko noon ayaw mo akong maging masaya, na kesyo tuwing may gusto ako laging hindi pwede, laging bawal, na tinututulan niyo. Naalala niyo pa yung first time na pinakilala ko boyfriend ko sa iyo? Eh, wala pa ngang 24 hours mong nakikilala, pinaghihiwalay mo na kami, eh, siyempre naman hindi ko pa maintindihan noon kung bakit, basta alam ko lang ayaw niyo akong maging masaya. Saka nung mga time na yun ang nasa isip ko lang eh mgkaboyfriend, na kiligin, tapos masaya na ako. Ang sabi mo naman sa akin eh, dapat pag nagboyfriend ako, iisipin ko na yun na talaga yung mapapangasawa ko. Kaya lagi kitang namimisinterpret noon. Kaya sorry po…^_^

Nung nag asawa lang ako narealize ko kung bakit naghigpit ka sakin. Hindi pala totoo yung iniisip kong kontrabida ka sa buhay ko. Kapakanan ko lang pala iniisip mo. Gusto mo yung best para sakin, para sa aming magkakapatid. Kaya ngpapasalamat talaga ako sa iyo na you remained strong for us, your children. Despite the hardships you have undergone during those times due to personal family problems (you know what I mean), you managed to keep our family intact in whatever ways possible. Di na kailangan pang isa isahin ko pa yung mga ginawa niyo para sa aming mgkakapatid, sa ating pamilya dahil baka maging nobela na itong sulat ko. Hehehe.

Again, Mommy, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Salamat sa pag-guide mo samin. Thank you for holding on! Alam ko hindi naging simple ang buhay natin, marami din tayong personal na problemang pinagdaanan. Nakita kita during the time na tingin mong wala nang pagasa sa mundo at gusto mo ng sumuko. Pero pinilit mong lumaban para saming magkakapatid. Masaya ako at nakabangon ka, nakita mo akong gru-maduate, ikasal at sana nasa tabi pa rin kita sa panahong ako naman ako magkakaanak. Thank you for accepting Monch in our family. You really treat him as your real son. Salamat din kasi kahit ngayong may asawa na ako, inaaampon nyo pa rin ako kapag panggabi si Monch sa work at pinapayagan mo pa rin akong makitulog sa kwarto niyo. hehe.

No one can break the bond that we have, the closeness that we have built all through these years. Lalo tayong naging close, magkasamang “gumigimik”, nagsa-shopping at kung anu- ano pang mga activities na pwede tayong mgsama eh ginagawa natin. You’re my bestfriend! You have always been there for me, to support me when I needed a hand, to push me on when I needed to let go. Wala na talaga akong mahihiling pa sapagkat ikaw na! Ikaw na ang pinakaulirang ina para sa akin, sa amin ng mga kapatid ko.

Take note, lalo pa akong bumilib sa iyo, Mommy, dahil mas techie ka pa yata sa akin, lagi kang updated sa showbiz, pati blogging umaarangkada ka na rin.

My mom with Celebrities

Mga online friends ko, friendship mo na din. Nag-iisa kang talaga kaya proud na proud ako sa iyo! Kapag nga tinatanong ako kung sino ang idol ko, ikaw lagi ang sagot ko.

I honor you, Mommy, with my love and gratitude for the things that you have taught me in life. I will never forget them. Because of you, Mommy, I have become a person who tries to be nonjudgmental, kind, patient, fair, loving and compassionate. I only hope that I can pass these same characteristics down to my (future) children, so that they will be as proud of me as I am of you.

Thank you for loving us, your children. Thank you for teaching us about compassion and caring for other people; thank you for reminding us that even though we may have it bad at times there are always others who have it so far worse; and they are the ones who need our help and our prayers!

I may not always appreciate you as much as I should, but know that every minute of every day I am incredibly grateful that you know how to be my mom and my friend! Mommy, I know na kahit ilang million na “thank you” pa sabihin ko at isulat dito, they can never equal the love and care that you have given to us.

I love you, Mommy.

Loving you always,

And before I end this post, please watch the video clip that I have made for my mom as my way of expressing my gratitude for her. Just a side note, please bear with some of the images as DSLR is not yet “in” before so the pictures are not of superb quality. Photos are also limited as most of these memorabilia have been washed out (or flooded) during typhoon Ondoy.

So, ready? Here it is:

How about you? Have you already thanked your Moms? For those who haven’t yet, or for those who want to tell the world that they are thankful to their mothers, you can say thank you to your moms, too by clicking the official “Thank You Mom” Facebook page and let the world know how much you appreciate your mothers by posting your message on the Page’s wall.

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  1. I seriously envy you for having a wonderful relationship with your mom. My mom and I don’t fight but I just couldn’t express my love for her this way or any other way – this is the reason why I didn’t join this contest haha 🙂

    1. Sis Iris, dati di ko din makausap si mommy. now lang.. maybe because nagmature n nga ako =)

      Post ka n rin ng thank you letter sa mom mo… visit mo ang official “Thank You Mom” Facebook page and let the world know how much you appreciate your mother

  2. Your letter is heart-breaking… in a good way. A letter that almost all daughters want to write for their moms. Malapit na nga ako umiyak but thought it isn’t my letter though it could easily have been. Kudos to you for bravely writing this letter. I’m sure your mom is proud of you. 🙂

    Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to your mom!

    1. thanks sis Kat! Kahit ako nung ginagawa ko yan, naiiyak nko. I know maraming mkakarelate sa letter ko, kasi karamihan yta ng anak (especially yung mga young ones), akala enemies ang mga moms but later on marerealize ntin na mali pala iniisip natin…

  3. I bet your Mommy shed a river when she read this letter…and that her heart was so overwhelmed with joy and love. 🙂
    I’m teary-eyed now and the letter isn’t even for me. Really wonderful, Iris, for you to share this with us and encourage us to tell our moms how much we appreciate all that they’ve done for us.

    1. you and your siblings are blessed to have her as your MOM..a great person who has a big heart and a mom to yah

    2. Thanks iris, it’s a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift, i appreciated it very much, soon you will be a mother, i know you will be the best mom to your children, love you!

  4. Wow nakakatuwa naman ang story mo with your Mommy.
    Super nakaka touch, very inspiring. Sana mas lalo pang maging masaya ang pagsasamahan nyo
    ng iyong Mommy.
    Happy Mothers Day

  5. Thanks iris, it’s a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift, i appreciated it very much, soon you will be a mother, i know you will be the best mom to your children, love you!

  6. awww… wish I could write a letter just like that to my Mom… I’m better at expressing my thoughts in writing than saying it. But you see, she can’t read. 🙁 Hope my actions gets the message across though. Moms are truly the best and this post reminds me of that. Thanks for this. 🙂

  7. It is really amazing how a mother’s love for her children work. No one can truly comprehend and measure where her love starts and if it really ends.

    We’re both lucky to have a cool mom that can “with the flow”. Yung kayang makisabay sa lifestyle ngayon and at the same time, still manages to be our mentor, our friend, our sister and our protector rolled into one…

    Happy Mother”s Day to your mom, sis! ^_^

  8. So sweet! Kaka-touch naman. I am not surprised that Tita Annette is everything you said she is (and more). Di nga nya ako kadugo, love na love ko sya. You (and the rest of your siblings) are so blessed to have her for your mother. <3

  9. ang sweet! naiyak naman ako sa letter mo sis and in some way naiinggit, kasi bihira ko na maka-bonding ang nanay ko. nahiwalay na ko sa kanya simula nung mag-college ako. you're so lucky for having a wonderful mommy na parang ka-barkada mo lang 🙂 Belated Happy Mom's Day to her.

    1. thanks sis! now lang din kami nagstart magbonding, siguro kasi ngayon nag mamature na ako at naiintindihan ko na sya, unlike before…

  10. Nice. There are different ways to greet and show love to your mom. Nonetheless, every message is heartwarming. 🙂

  11. Very nice letter. Hands down ako sa mother-daughter relationship n’yo. This rarely happens, because of the age difference. You’re one lucky girl. Happy mother’s day to your mom! 😉

  12. naiyak ako:( lahat siguro tayo dumaan sa pagiging stubborn ano? kahit ako eh medyo may katigasan din ng ulo. pero it all boils down to this, our Mother loves us no matter what:)

  13. touching, sis. your post made me miss my own Mama, what i wouldn’t give to have her around…i know appreciate her more when i became a mother + how i wished for her to be around for me to tell her that!

    hugs + kisses to your mom! ^_^

  14. I also wrote a Thank You letter for my mom, and I can’t help myself to shed some tears while writing it. Your letter is so touching, nakaka relate ako

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