Watching movies together with our loved ones is one of the best things to do in holidays, weekends or even in special occasions (that is, if you prefer to celebrate it in form of watching movies and in simple date rather than have a party with your friends). Though there are times it is very tiring to go in cinemas due to long line in buying tickets, still a lot of people chooses to watch movies. With that, SM cinema comes up with a great idea that moviegoers would love to.

Just last month, April 11, 2012, SM Cinema launched the first e-card in the country that can be used to purchase movie tickets in easier and more convenient way to enjoy watching movies compare to what people used to have experience before in cinemas and that is The SM Cinema’s e-PLUS Card, which stands for EntertainmentPrivilegesLifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises. This allows every moviegoer to enjoy and have fun watching movies without worrying for more to line up in buying tickets!

What is an SM e-PLUS Card and how to use it?

e-PLUS, is a prepaid card that is reloadable with P500 and P1000 load denominations which allows everyone to load up their prepaid card and can easily upgrade it to a loyalty card for free. Once an SM e-PLUS holder upgraded his or her card, he or she has an option to avail the e-PLUS Starter Kit which includes a movie, snack, and a premium items.

Everyone can use the card to earn reward points every time they watch a movie and soon, when they purchase at any Snack time outlets. Redeeming reward items can be done easily just by presenting their cards at the e-PLUS booth located in all SM Cinema branches, nationwide. The more holders load up their e-PLUS, the more rewards and freebies they can get!

Reloading the e-PLUS card is available at the SM Cinema ticket booth and soon through online via and other reloading facilities. And aside from that, an e-PLUS card user is entitled to get free snacks just by loading up his or her card. With that, moviegoers would really enjoy the fun of this prepaid card brought to them only by SM!

This card is indeed nice entertainment gift-card to give especially to those who love to watch movies and as well, it can be also used as a corporate giveaway for promotions, sales incentives and so much more!

How to get an e-PLUS card?

Getting an e-PLUS Loyalty card is so easy. New members and existing prepaid card holders just need to submit a duly-accomplished application form with a valid ID at any e-PLUS booth located in SM Cinemas nationwide. The Application Form is available at the e-PLUS booth or on-line via the SM Cinema website. Upon submission of the completed application form, a cardholder has the option to avail the e-PLUS Starter Kit for only of P300.00. Starter kit includes a premium item, an automatic pass to a movie plus a large popcorn and a soda. Upon completion of registration and payment of the starter kit, the cardholder will receive a personalized e-PLUS card and a welcome SMS. By validating his/her mobile number, cardholder gets a complimentary movie ticket.

Who can avail the e-PLUS card?

The e-PLUS is open to everyone who loves to watch movies! Anyone who has the e-PLUS can avail all the perks and convenience the card brings.

Different companies and businesses may also avail the card and extend the privileges both to their employees and customers. Because the e-PLUS card is reloadable and is loaded with special offers and rewards, this will be great as a gift-card for any employee-driven programs, or as sales incentive. Companies may also bundle the e-PLUS card with their products/ service or include it in its roster of corporate giveaways.

Why e-PLUS?

e-PLUS card is not just an average prepaid card we used to have but instead, the special card that makes movie watching convenient and even more enjoyable which it brings. Just load it up and get instant access to your preferred movies. No need to fall in line to buy tickets; card holders may go straight to the theater of their choice.

Moreover, receive regular movie and promo updates via email and SMS. Get invites to exclusive promos and seasonal offers along with access to exclusive events, quarterly raffles and free giveaways on different occasions. Isn’t that cool and exciting?

What are the e-PLUS Loyalty Card privileges?

VIP Privileges

Apart from exclusive discounts and offers from its partner merchants, e-PLUS provides VIP privileges to its cardholders. e-PLUS cardholders are given special lanes at the ticket booth when they reload, a free upsize of drink when they present their card at any Snacktime counter, and a meal credit for every P500.00 or P1,000 reload which they can use to avail of a popcorn and drink.

Rewards to Exclusive Promos with Partner Merchants of SM e-PLUS

e-PLUS cardholders can use their points to get exclusive SM Cinema items from parking discount vouchers, planners and gadgets like mobile phones and digital cameras and so much more. Cardholders are also entitled to a 50% discount on select SM exclusive movies, join online and seasonal promos and quarterly raffles where gadgets, trips and concert tickets will be given away.

 Aside from that e-PLUS as well, with the support of its partner establishments, are giving away treats exclusive to its cardholders. When someone signs-up for membership to the e-PLUS loyalty program, they automatically qualify to enjoy special offers from its various affiliates brought to everyone by SM Cinema!

With e-PLUS, the perks are endless!

What more a moviegoer or even those who seldom watch movies could ask for? If buying movie tickets can be done in fun ways and hassle free. Access easily to their preferred movie shows of their choice from the time they arrived and of course the reward treats the card brought for everyone! It is indeed the best idea for cinemas so far Philippines have come up with.

What are you waiting for? Get your e-PLUS card now and start earning free treats and rewards with this offer brought to you only by SM Cinema!

To know more about the the e-PLUS card, you may visit their site just by logging on at or you can call their Customer Care Hotline, 470-2222.

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