Make Your Home a Peaceful Sanctuary

Your home is your sanctuary, a place where stress is left at the door and your mind, body and soul are nourished.

So I want to feel comfortable when I walk through my front door. . I want to look around my surroundings and feel calm. I like my home to be therapeutic in a sense because unlike sitting in traffic, having to deal with deadlines or stress at work or visiting people and feeling out of balance, my home is where I hang my hat, put up my feet and throw caution to the wind once I shut the wooden door.

How to Make Your Home a Peaceful Sanctuary

1. Encourage Serenity in Your Home
Plant lilacs, roses, or other pleasantly scented trees and shrubs near the windows of your living room and bedroom.

Use shrubs or trees that attract wildlife that you enjoy seeing. Plant a butterfly bush to attract butterflies. Plant red flowers to attract hummingbirds. Plant sunflowers to attract golden finches. Taking a few moments to watch wildlife frolicking in the yard is very relaxing.

2. Use a minimalist approach to decorating.

Eliminate clutter it only adds to stress. Keep the home well organized and clutter free and it will feel like a sanctuary rather than a place that is overwhelming. Try to look for hanging lights that will complement your living room.

3. Making a room cozy and inviting
It is easy to do by filling the room up with natural and comfortable items. Big, cushiony furniture, throws, florals, fake plants, baskets filled with magazines and candles all add ambiance to the room.

Your choice of colors can make the room inviting as well. Use colors in the home that bring you joy. You may want to pick tones that remind you of nature in places you have lived or vacationed. Pick a pale pink paint that reminds you of a sunrise or a deep orange paint that reminds you of a harvest moon. Pick a green that replicates the color of the ocean where you vacation. Use paint to set a soothing tone and remind you of pleasant memories.

4. Make your bathroom to be as inviting as the rest of my house.

An unusual sink or faucet brings the wash basin to the foreground. Painting the room with a sponge or rag in two different colors gives a calming, soft appearance to the room. A unique bathtub or shower can also make your full bath an escape for you. Instead of using regular bathroom rugs for the floor, buy large, unique rugs to lay down.

Install relaxing Lampclick bathroom fixtures. You can add pictures in frames and candles for lighting when you want to give yourself a soothing bath. Don’t forget about adding greenery and wreaths around the house as well. They bring nature and decor together.

5. Make your bedroom a stress free zone

Keeping your bedroom clean is essential to making it a desirable place to relax and relieve daily stress. Clutter confuses the brain and doesn’t allow one to think clearly. A nice clean room will only help aid in getting rid of your stress by allowing you to think clearly and giving you one less thing to worry about cleaning.

Your home should be your sanctuary. The place that you look forward to going to. It should be visually stimulating and inviting. You may find that your friends and family will want to visit more often as well because of the feeling it projects.

Making these simple changes to your house will ensure you have a stress free sanctuary to come home to. Try it and enjoy!!!

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