Living more and aging less with coach Jim Saret

For Coach Jim Saret, less is truly more.

The US-educated sports-medicine expert, athletic-training specialist and Immuvit Brand Spokesperson certainly knows a thing or two about “maximizing losses.” During the first season of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, Coach Jim rose to national prominence as his unique physical regimen resulted in consistent weight loss by his Blue team resulting in victories in the team challenges as well as winning it all for an individual team member.

Now Coach Jim is tackling another similar but equally herculean challenge; stopping aging or at least its most obvious effects on its tracks. It may sound like a broken record but for the well-being coach, age is really just a number. Just as much as he believes that the key to physical fitness is less weight, he also subscribes to the theory that the key to aging less is actually living more.

“One’s chronological age does not necessarily equal one’s fitness age,” he pointed out. “I’ve met people that are 21 years old chronologically but are so sedentary their fitness age is that of a 40 year old. I’ve also met 40 plus year old people that have the fitness age of a 25 year old.”

And “fitness age” according to the former national tennis player depends on the kind of physical activity one engages in. Having successfully trained and conditioned world-renowned athletes like Shaquille O’ Neal, Wayne Gretzky and Steve Nash, among many others, Coach Jim’s philosophy when it comes to training people is that “everybody is an athlete or has an athlete inside him or her.”

Holistic approach

For those in their 40s and 50s, Coach Jim recommends “low-impact sports like swimming, biking and golf that don’t cause a lot of stress on the bones, joints, ligaments and muscle.”

“For exercises they can use the elliptical machine, stationary bicycle, rowing and strength training. The Metafit Workout is perfect for that age as they are non-impact and can be done in a short time thus lessening the amount of stress the body receives,” he continues. “Outside taking a sport or physical activity, yoga and pilates are very helpful. Long nature walks or hiking are awesome for both the mind and body. Dipping in a pool, playing chess, ta-chi or any other mentally relaxing activities are great too.”

As Coach Jim recognizes that daily stress mostly caused by work contributes heavily to how fast a person ages, he understands the need to take a holistic approach in maintaining not only a sound mind and body but also a healthy diet.

“Stress can affect an individual even more if their body is physically weak and have low energy levels,” he cautions. “Regular exercise, adequate nutrition and a good multivitamin supplement like Immuvit can help everyone manage or even eliminate everyday stress.”

By adequate nutrition, Coach Jim doesn’t mean eating whatever one fancies at just about any time of the day.

“As they say, you are what you eat. If you eat junk, then your body will look and move like junk with age. But if you feed your body with a well balanced healthy meal like fruits, veggies, carbs, healthy fat and protein, then your body will be a lean mean fighting machine.”

Immuvit for more energy

While eating a balanced diet and avoiding junk food and unnecessary calories helps a lot in maintaining a healthy well-being, Coach Jim likewise stresses that for aging people, it is important to supplement any deficiencies that they might have and that’s where a multivitamin like Immuvit can help.

“Since most people’s energy level wane as they get older, a multivitamin with Ginseng for energy will be very appropriate,” he exclaims. “An antioxidant like CoQ10 will also be a big help to help delay the damage causedby aging at the cellular level. Immuvit has all the right ingredients to help lessen the effects of aging as it has 2 Ginsengs and CoQ10 plsu other vitamins and minerals to support other bodily functions.”

In his own personal experience, Coach Jim noted that taking Immuvit provided him “with more energy to do more things.”

“I would usually be tired after a long day training but when I take Immuvit I still have the energy to workout in the evening even after working all day. I also noticed that I could train harder when I workout and still keep up with my younger friends in sports who are only in their 20s. Of course, physically I’m still able to keep people guessing my real age.”

Given his athletic, youthful physique, guessing the real age of Coach Jim Saret might be a lot harder than it seems and subtraction, rather than addition may be the best math in arriving at the right answer. For this extraordinary man, less is indeed more.

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