The last streak may just be it. TV5’s newest and biggest singing reality search Kanta Pilipinas held its last on-ground auditions April 20-21 at SM City Batangas.

The last opportunity to get approval from Inspirational Diva Ms. Jamie Rivera, award-winning musical arranger/composer Mr. Jimmy Antiporda and Talent Manager Ms. Maristel Sempedro was quite tough with more than 247 aspirants.

Ms. Nini Matilac, Head for TV and Film of Futuretainment Inc., joined in selecting the best talents for the show. Like what they have done in Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Iloilo and SM North auditions, hopefuls were given tips and suggestions on how to improve their performances and what best to do next time they try to audition in other contests and programs.

Since looks are not enough to get in any singing reality shows, those who failed auditions in previous on-ground auditions determined to try their luck on the last on-ground auditions at SM City Batangas. Some aspirants who followed the judges’ suggestions and criticisms made it and some did not despite the long travel from other regions. With four audition judges arguing on points to consider for each contestants who tried luck on stage, the decisions were sometimes unanimous and magnanimously split. A blind choir singer traveled all the way from Quezon City and wowed the judges while a girl from Zamboanga made the judges awe at her performance. There were also groups and performances who were so great on the first day and failed to get in the final list on the call-back auditions. Wrong choice of songs and missing soul in performances made some aspirants cry on stage but grateful for the experience after.

Just when the crowd was set to leave the audition came a beautiful lady from Quezon City who wowed the judges with her appearance and voice quality. The last on-ground auditions drama continued with the call-backs from where 48 in the list cut down to 29. The judges found it difficult to eliminate some contestants whose voice quality was compared to those seen in international singing reality searches. Audition Judge Mr. Jimmy Antiporda provided some contestants piano musical arrangement to those with wrong choices for the last chance to get the approval of the judges.

Some made it and some did not. What will happen next? The excitement continues as the next firsts of Kanta Pilipinas will unveil next week!

Don’t miss your last chance to get in TV5’s biggest and newest singing reality search. Online auditions deadline is until April 26, 2012 so keep submitting your entries. Kanta mo, Kwento mo Kapatid! Soon on TV5! For more updates, like the Facebook Page of Kanta Pilipinas at and follow us also on Twitter @Kanta_Pilipinas.

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