Sunrise Buckets at The Grove: Home of Mouthwatering Buffalo Wings

Need to take a break but don’t have enough time and budget? I guess, you’ll find Sunrise Buckets located at The Grove by Rockwell (along C5) an interesting place to chill with your family and friends. Sunrise Buckets is an ideal place to relax, have some beer or wine, because it is not as crowded just like any other similar place. The specialty of the house? Buffalo wings!

Sunrise Buckets boasts their 15 mouthwatering Buffalo wings flavors that one must try. Some of these delectable flavors are Smokin’ BBQ (the all time favorite), Sunrise Original Authentic NY style, Jack Daniel’s, Honey Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Garlic Parmesan, Real American Buffalo Hot and Ultimate Crazy Hot among others.

During my visit, together with my husband, Monch, and other blogger friends, we ordered 1 bucket each, consisting of 6 Buffalo wings (we were 5 in the table). Monch had the Ultimate Crazy Hot, while I tried the Sunrise Original.

 Ultimate Crazy Hot
For the adventurous & brave ones! Made with real chilis that will surely leave your mouth on fire!

Sunrise Original
Authentic NY style buffalo wings, sweet & spicy and a li’l bit tangy. Everyone’s favorite!

While we were enjoying the specialty of the house, owners Abigail Co-Haw and Bridget Co (who are sisters), did some introductions and presented a slide show about how they started and the like.

After which, a contest started, wherein bloggers have to finish eating 1 bucket of the hottest wings in the shortest period of time to win! There were three who joined and of course, my hubby, was one of them. Although Monch loves to eat spicy food, still he lost the game but won a Gift Certificate in the Q and A portion. Not bad…

Anyway, although I haven’t tried all the other flavors that were there in the table, I can still say that Sunrise Original Buffalo wings is more than enough for me!

But of course, I will be coming back very soon to try the other flavors because my husband and friends told me that I should have really tried the other variations to make my experience more extraordinary.

Sunrise Buckets 15 Flavors ( divided into three categories):

Awesome:  Flavors made for Manila’s taste

  • Smokin’ BBQ
  • Crispy
  • Juan’s
  • Hot & Spicy Barbeque

Wipeout: Flavors inspired from Canada and USA

  • Sunrise Original
  • Hickory
  • Mild Real American Buffalo
  • Hot Real American Buffalo
  • Extra Hot Real American Buffalo

Cloud 9: Unique flavors of Sunrise Buckets

  • Honey Jalapeno
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Bourbon
  • Ultimate Crazy Hot
  • Honey Mustartd
  • Buffalo Ranch

As for you, who are now eager to hang out in this new cool place at The Grove by Rockwell, visit Sunrise Buckets near Ortigas Avenue or you may call 571-8151. For reservations visit or you may call 477-7636.

More photos:

The bone collector =)

Check out the NY MIAMI theme



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