Figaro Coffee: Newest Offerings This Summer


Coffee addicts like enjoys more than one good cup of coffee a day. I’m a frequent visitor of Figaro and other coffee cafes. It is heart warming to know that a Filipino brand such as Figaro is competing excellently with foreign owned cafes and expanding their menus to dinner meals, pastries and refreshing beverages. I and other lucky bloggers were invited to sample Figaro’s newest offer this summer.

Are you ready? Let’s start first with pastries.

Customers should try the Healthy Pandesal every time they visit the store. The Pandesal is fortified with malunggay and is very rich in vitamins and fiber that our body needs. It comes in two favourite variants that you can choose from,  Tuna and Asado. One Pandesal order comes with unlimited coffee for as little as P99.  Malunggay Pandesal (in Asado/Prime Tuna filling) is available from 6am and sold separately after 11am.

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Indulge in Figaro’s Devil’s Mocha Cake. Enjoy rich and moist chocolate cake covered in coffee butter cream and topped with fudge icing. A must try!

Off to the main course! When the clock strikes 6 in the evening, a complete and balanced dinner meals are ready to be served. At P150 per meal, these meals also come with a glass of refreshing lemonade.

The first serving is Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf. Although I’m not much into pesto dishes, the crunchy dory fillet goes well with the creamy pesto sauce. Slices of mango and cucumber add color and are a nice touch on the plating.

Chicken lovers will be delighted to try Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice. What I love about this meal is the chicken is well cooked and taste good, even without the sauce. Served with crunchy string beans on the side, this meal is a must try!

Here come the refreshments that are perfect to combat summer heat. Adding two more drinks to their Milk Tea Craze line, the Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea and Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea, will not just quench your thirst but will make you go crazy as well. The surprise, both drinks have popping bobbas that pops in your mouth. Looking to drink something fun, these drinks are highly recommended!

Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea and Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea

The Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea tastes fruity and without a hint of tea. Perfect to those who wants fruity beverages while the Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea is a blend of sweet winter melon taste and plus a hint of strong tea.

Visit Figaro on 11th April to try these new and exciting food and dishes. Be warned and ready your taste buds!

Figaro Coffee Company

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  1. Malunggay pandesal looks delicious tho I prefer my pandesal to be a little more brownish. Sarap siguro nyan palamanan ng cheese! 🙂

    Visiting from PB sis :))

  2. Ooh, I should try eating at Figaro next time. I always just get coffee. That Figaro’s Devil’s Mocha Cake looks amazing. 🙂

  3. I didn’t like the healthy pandesal that much, but I love the new rice meals and devil’s mocha cake! 😀 I’d actually be visiting Figaro again once these items are out already.. ^^

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