Extravagant Celebrity Homes

Whether it is a Hollywood actor or actress, a famed athlete, or a song diva, there is one thing they all share alike: the comfort of what people call a “celebrity home”

Having the capability of buying the most luxurious possessions, some celebrities opt to take a more extravagant choice by spending millions or even billions for a house.

For most Hollywood celebrities, they have the advantage of having a home quite overwhelming than being a basic need alone. But if there is one thing you notice that all celebrity homes have in common, is that it is built for entertaining.

Here is a list of some of the most extravagant celebrity homes that you would want to gaze at in awe.

Kim Kardashian’s House in Beverly Hills

Kim’s new house has 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, many fireplaces. It was originally listed at almost $5 million but was eventually reduced to around $3.8.

John Travolta’s House

There is nothing more extravagant to the home than to have your own airfield, and the 70s star, John Travolta, would boast of having one. The actual airstrip outside his home measures to 1.4 miles, which ensures that even the Boeing 707 can land there. With a six-bedroom house and a 6,500-garage facility, it is seen as modern and contemporary at the same time. After all, it could be rare for a person to own a house with a runway.

Jennifer Aniston’s Sleek $21 Million House in Bel Air

According to Yahoo! Real Estate, the house comes with “more than three acres of land, views of the city and ocean, a pool, a guesthouse, a wine cellar, bronze address plaques, and—last but certainly not least—a vineyard. Let’s not forget to look inside: those distinctly midcentury-feeling interiors boasts gleaming wood floors, full-wall expanses of glass, and some pretty stunning fireplace detail.”

Oprah Winfrey’s The Promise Land

This is Winfrey’s most famous mansion which she has aptly named The Promised Land. It is a 42-acre estate embraced with the true beauty of ocean and mountain views in Montecito, California. What add to its coziness are 10 fireplaces and the landscaping features a rose hybrid specially bred over five years by her landscaper. The unique feature of this mansion is a structure built for the express purpose of shielding Oprah from the infrequent Santa Barbara showers. Oprah’s collection has grown to include scores of gorgeous coffee-table books. Winfrey ferociously guards the privacy of her home and doesn’t allows shutterbugs to disturb the serenity of the place.

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