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Cirque Mother Africa in Manila Review

Circus is one of the best live entertainment show people could witnessed. Aside from those talents that are being showcased of each individual, of course considering the most intense performances they brought to their viewers as well. Cirque Mother Africa is one of the best groups in the field of entertainment shows as they have amazing talents that go beyond the expectation and imagination of the people.

My mom and I watched them live last night and what we thought about them is totally different from what we have seen. This two hour show was filled with the energy, emotions, surprises and amazement. It is full of music, dancing, singing, acrobatics, and entertaining acts by a gifted group of enthusiastic African artists.

More than 40 famous artists from different countries of the African continent like Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Guinea transformed the theatre with the visuals and sounds of Africa that exploded with an energy-pumping opening musical performance.

Some of the performances I have remembered so far are the Hoola-Hoop Act, Icarian Game Act, and The Contortionist.

Hoola-Hoop Act is an act wherein a woman performed hundreds of hoola hoops with her over a big ball. It was indeed amazing; imagine she still manages to balance it while doing hoola-hoop herself.

Icarian Game Act:  The pint-sized acrobat, Yonas, was tossed up into the air by the feet of his partner, Tariku, and delivered an impressive 51 back flips. It is totally amazing and unbelievable!

The ContortionistMwangi Lazarus Gitu, the leopard skin leotard wearing contortionist, is the most amazing moment I have witnessed. The contortionist’s body appeared to be boneless. It was really  jaw-dropping and mind-boggling to watch. I just can’t imagine seeing myself doing it, lol. I think he’s the most flexible man I’ve ever seen! Well, that part was my favorite moment.

And there are plenty of performances too such as The Master of Balance, Handbalancing On Staked Chairs Act, The Ramadhani Brothers Hand To Hand Act and a lot more to see that surely everyone would have fun watching them.

The Ramadhani Brothers Hand To Hand Act

Other than the brilliant acts, I really love the eight-member band of Cirque Mother Africa. Music by InAfrica creates a warm and powerful sound which certainly captured the hearts of the audience. They indeed performed well that night!

Cirque Mother Africa is sheer genius and absolutely brilliant!

Don’t miss out the highly anticipated Cirque Mother Africa in a breathtaking acrobatic performance on April 19 to April 22, 2012, at the Newport Performing Arts TheaterResorts World Manila.

Show Dates and Time are as follows:
April 19, 2012 – 8:00PM
April 20, 2012 – 8:00PM
April 21, 2012 – 3:00PM and 8:00PM
April 22, 2012 – 8:00PM

For Cirque Mama Africa in Manila ticket prices, please visit: TicketWorld Website or call 891-9999

**Photo Credit: Cirque Mother Africa Official Site

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