I’m sure everyone knows that Yoshinoya, Japan’s largest chain of beef bowl restaurants has already invaded Manila. In fact, die-hard Japanese foodies in the Metro have been relishing the tasty dishes of Yoshinoya since 2001. Its motto, “Taste, low-priced, and quick” is perfect for our country, because most Filipinos are always on the run and on the lookout for affordable and yummy treats.

Incidentally, they recently launched eight new dishes, which are mostly variants of pork, chicken, and beef. Of all the dishes I tried, I’d have to say that I’m still partial to their beef fares. I can especially vouch for their Tokyo Beef, with the thinly sliced pieces of tender beef (tender enough that it almost melts in your mouth) garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices. Truly, a succulent beefy treat with a Japanese twist.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of their eight new dishes:

Pork Tempura
Breaded pork fillet with sweet potato and eggplant on the side over steaming white rice topped with a special tendon sauce.

Pork Tonkatsu
Deep fried breaded pork fillet topped with special tonkatsu sauce, served with cabbage siding over steaming white rice.

Shrimp Tempura
Crispy brown white prawn and deep fried garnished with a special tendon sauce.

Yoshi Chicken
Deep fried, double coated marinated chicken dipped in a special sauce served with steaming rice.

Chicken Tempura
Breaded chicken chunks with a sweet potato and eggplant on top of steaming white rice served with a special tendon sauce.

Tokyo Chicken
Golden brown pieces of grilled chicken fillet marinated in ginger – based sauce, topped with a special sauce and served with mixed vegetables over steaming white rice.

 Veggie Beef
Tender slices of beef simmered with fresh sliced onions in a special broth of herbs and spices, served with mixed vegetables on the side on a bed of steaming white rice.

Tokyo Beef
Tender slices of beef with fresh sliced onions sauteed into perfection, garnished with sesame seeds and capsicum slices over steaming white rice.

Well, I’ve already given my verdict earlier. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that the other dishes aren’t savory. I guess my taste buds just prefer beef. You could try out Yoshinoya’s new dishes, though, to give your own verdict. These signature initially available at G/F Robinsons Galleria EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave. Since they’re insider the mall, they follow mall hours, which is from 10AM to 9PM. As for the budget, well, let’s just say that with Php 200 in your wallet, you’d have a feast.

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