Freshwater Pearls: The Queen of Gems

Freshwater Pearls are considered the oldest gems in the world today. They are considered the “Queen of Gems”. Freshwater pearls are worn by thousands worldwide. Pearls are known to offer powers such as love, luck, protection and deepening romantic relationships. Even children wear these precious gems and pearls today are thought to keep them safe. Since the pearl is the only gem created by a living creature makes them that much more unique and special. No two pearls will be the exact same making each romantic. Two pieces will be slightly different in shape, size and color.

Freshwater pearl bracelets are growing increasingly significant in the world; they are worn by thousands or women of all ages. Bracelets can be combined with crystals, other gems, or simply other naturally colored pearls. Pearl bracelets are essential for every woman’s wardrobe. They are a great addition to any outfit for a particular occasion. With all the different variety and each piece’s uniqueness guarantees the perfect pearl jewelry.

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