The Grape Scented Juice Box Earphones

I have been vocal ever since that I am a self-confessed music lover. I love to listen to music regardless of its genre. I even enjoy listening to my favorite music with earphones on because I can clearly hear the lyrics, the instruments used and I can somewhat feel the singers as if the song is somewhat dedicated for me.

Guess what?! My featured product for the month of February is what I also love the most – earphones – the Juice Box Earphones: Grape Scented. Yeah, you read it write, it’s grape scented! I guess most of you are wondering how is it possible, well, let me tell you more about this earphone.

Juice Box Earphones: Grape Scented from Juicy Electronics are specially designed tasty (yeah, like food…lol) droplet shaped earphones that are made from the best hand-picked materials. Aside from its scent, which is peculiar among earphones, it is made to perfectly fit the ear plus it has a superb bass quality, which is a must for every music and earphone lovers, right? The Grape Scent comes from the earphone’s 1.2m cable, so you will not just enjoy listening to your selected playlist, but you will likewise enjoy its fruity grape scent!

Juicy Electronics Grape Scented can come with or without remote and mic inside its inventive juice carton packaging just like your favorite juice in a tetra pak. Aside from grape scent, Juicy electronics also has an apple, banana, strawberry, blueberry and cherry scents that come with their unique distinct colors not to mention its standard 3.5mm plug.

Juice Box Earphones (Grape Scented) are available in the following stores for only P950:

Beyond The Box
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
• iStudio
• Bratpack
• Hobbes And Landes
• Technoholics
• iGig
• Gadgets In Style

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