Sponsor A Child for P20 Through World Vision

I always thought that helping other people or any charitable institution would cost me a lot, I mean, when it comes to financial aspects, but when I attended the World Vision 1st bloggers’ meet up the other day, I came to realize that lending a hand to those who are in need or those who need it the most doesn’t have to be expensive.

During the meet up, I have learned that for only P20 a day, this amount can go a long way, especially to a child that one chooses to sponsor through World Vision.

It only takes…

  • P600 monthly or P7,200 annually to sponsor 1 child
  • P1,200 monthly or P14,400 annually to sponsor 2 children
  • P3,000 monthly or P36,000 annually to sponsor 5 children

Your regular contributions will be pooled together with other World Vision resources so the children, families and communities may enjoy the following benefits:

  • access to education, good health and nutrition
  • values formation
  • child rights protection
  • children’s participation in decision-making process
  • skills and leadership training; and
  • community development projects

After the event, or even during the event, I am starting to appreciate life, how lucky I am, though I encounter several problems and other issues, how fortunate my life is, as compared to these children sponsored by World Vision. I just can’t imagine how these fragile and innocent children are going through just to survive each day of their lives. Now, it’s high time for me to appreciate what I have, what God has graced me with and where I am right now, despite the tribulations I am going through.

With this, I am now ready to support World Vision’s advocacy. As for you, my dear readers, who are interested to join me, let us take part and do our share. Together, even in a small way or a very little amount (only P20/day), we can help these children (and in a way, their families and their communities), live a healthy and productive life, as well as become successful in their own little way. Remember that before we can reach the top, we must first take small, single step and this act is just the beginning.

In line with this, I would like also to encourage you, to participate in the 1M41M campaign of Bench. The aim of the campaign is for Bench to reach 1Million Twitter followers by voting the celebrities found on their website, http://www.benchtm.com/1m41m/index.php. The celebrities who will garner the most number of votes will receive 1 million pesos for their chosen charity; Sam Concepcion has chosen World Vision as the recipient. You know, Sam has been supporting World Vision for several years already and in case he won in this campaign, he promised to donate the entire 1 Million pesos to World Vision. Since, it will not cost you anything to vote for Sam, I am asking for your help to support Sam Concepcion’s advocacy of helping World Vision by voting him in Bench Campaign.

World Vision is a Christian organization that advocates for the welfare of the children, their families, as well as, their communities to conquer poverty and injustice. World Vision is dedicated to extend assistance based on need and regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

World Vision is an accredited fund-raising institution that allows donors to avail of tax-deductable incentives in their donations.

  • DSWD Authority No: 2003-016
  • DSWD License No: SB-2004-1064 (as amended)
  • DSWD Registration No: SB-R 172-04 (02-09-01)
  • PCNC (Philippine Council for NGO Certification)
  • SEC Reg. No: AN095-02579

To know more about World Vision Philippines, like World Vision on Facebook and visit their website at worldvision.org.ph

Together, we can make a difference.

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