I planned to have new perspectives this year; I am starting to experience or try things that I seldom do these past few years and one of my plans is to be a “kikay”. Yes, I’m not really into these girly stuffs because I prefer to be simple and plain so as not to spend much time putting on make-up and other “girl necessities”.

Anyway, speaking of being a kikay, last Saturday, I started to put this plan into action. What am I talking about? Well, I visited the Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio together with the other bloggers and experience some of their signature packages. Although the studio was just a single room, still it’s cozy and relaxing; we were there from 2pm until 9 in the evening.

Angelyn, Iris (me), Leirs, Sheryl (owner of Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio), Sire and Josephine

As for me, I tried the ear candling (Php 250), eyelash extension (Php 500) and the new-to-my-ear UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn (Php 450). Among the many other services offered by Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio, I tried these three services because I have never experienced them yet. I was excited and anxious at the same time when the “procedures” were about to start since it’s my first time, as mentioned.

During the ear candling, I just felt the tip of a soft cloth inserted into my ear and the other tip, which is outside, was somewhat burned (I’m not really sure since I’m busy feeling what is happening inside my ear that I don’t have the time to look or ask).

I just heard/felt like something is popping/crackling sound as the candle burns down, which somehow made me feel more relax. It was not painful. The ear candling was done as if nothing happened, but then again, I noticed that my hearing was somewhat balanced. It’s a good feeling, actually.

Sheryl told us that ear candling can also be used to relieve symptoms that seem unrelated to the ears, such as jaw pain, headaches, nervousness, chronic stress, dizziness or vertigo. She recommends ear candling once every 3 months.

As for the eyelash extension, it looked good on me (indulge me, please?….lol) and I think my “beautiful eyes” were enhanced by the extension. I was told that it can last up to a month as long as I follow the washing and caring instructions. I’m so loving it!

On the other hand, since I was really curious about the UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn, I keenly observed how the staff applied it to my nails. After the usual “rituals” of doing a manicure, the nail polish was applied. I chose the Maira (pinkish-red) UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn. What was really amazing about this nail polish is that it’s not like any other polish that takes time to dry. UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn dries faster (approximately 3-5 minutes).

But wait, that’s not all, again, as compared to others, UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn does not strip off easily and if it does, it magically takes back into its original form since it’s gel type plus it doesn’t have the usual irritating nail polish smell. Amazing, right?

All these 3 services for only P1,200.00!  Very affordable for an unequaled service, right? For complete list of their signature packages, please visit and like Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio’s Facebook page.

Ms. Sheryl and the staff of Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio

Services/Products Offered:
Signature Services
Manicure & Pedicure
Hand & Foot Spa
Hand & Foot Paraffin
Hand & Foot Spa w/ Mask
Hand & Foot Spa w/ Whitening
Brazilian Waxing
Bikini Waxing
Underarm Waxing
Half/Full Leg Waxing
Full Body Massage
Body Scrub
Back Scrub
Underarm Whitening Scrub
Full Body Mask/Paraffin
Ventosa w/ Massage
Nail Art
Eyelash Extension
Ear Candling
Eyelash Perm

Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio Giveaway

But of course, I know that you, yes you, my avid readers, would love to try these services, too, for free, don’t you? Well, I can give you a treat, simply follow the very easy mechanics below and I’ll be raffling off a Polished ’em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio Gift Certificate worth P1,000.00! (This is open to all Filipino residents living in Metro Manila or anyone who can pick up the prize within the area.)  I’ll use random.org to determine the winner.

Here’s how:

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3. Leave a comment below, together with your complete name, email address and the link to your FB status about the giveaway.

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You can post the status to FB and Tweet as many times as you wish as long as you tag different sets of your friends for the entire duration of the contest.

This giveaway starts today, February 21, 2012 and will end on March 24, 2012.

So, what are you waiting for? Start to update your FB status now and Tweet to your friends to have more chances of winning! Just remember to closely follow the instructions to avoid disqualification, ok?

Good luck, everyone!

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