The featured Nescafe 3in1 variant for this week is….

Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘N Mild

Every individual is unique, especially when it comes to “taste”. As for coffee, we all have different favorite blend of coffee or we prefer various coffee preparations and mixes. Now for those who love sweet tasting coffee without that disgusting bitter after taste, please continue reading.

Calling all coffee enthusiasts, who hate bitter-tasting coffee, have you tried the NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD coffee variant? Did you know that this SWEET ‘N MILD variant have the sweet mix of your favorite NESCAFÉ coffee, perfect COFFEE-MATE and sugar without that bitter after taste that you really dislike? Yes, that’s true! The NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD is just right for those who have choosy palate but really loves a sweet blend of coffee.

What is more amazing about NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD is that it can be prepared either hot or cold, depending on your mood and depending on your preference. Great, isn’t it?


How about you, my dear readers? How would you like to drink your NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD? Would you dare to profess your love for NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD? If you do, simply share your story at the comment section below and have a chance to win a Nescafe 3in1 gift pack of your choice and a NESCAFE notebook if your story is creative and unique enough. I’ll be announcing the winner next week along with the next Nescafe promo.

Nescafe Promo Week 1 Winner: Melandria

My love for coffee is like a passion in life. I always remember my father told me, “what is coffee if it doesn’t taste coffee?” since then, i always wanted my coffee extra creamy and that’s were cream was always twice than the regular serving but of course, i like it brown. Considering the thought that we need to take care of our health, brown sugar has always been the choice of sugar in our family. Nescafe has been a part of my daily life since i have started drinking coffee and yes I am a confessed coffee lover , that is why when they released brown and creamy version, i said, it’s an answered prayer.

Thanks to all who joined the Nescafe Promo Week 1 promo. Congrats Melandria! We will contact you on how to claim your prize. For those who were not chosen, please do not feel bad. You may still join Nescafe Promo Week 2.

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  1. I never liked coffee much. As a kid, I watched my grandfather make his cup of joe every morning, and once, curious about how it tasted, I took a sip. I guess the bitter taste of his strong black brew turned me off, and I avoided ordering coffee even as a grownup. Instead, I would ask for hot chocolate or cold slushies if ever I have to meet someone in a coffee bar. I only made myself a cup every now and then, in case of emergencies, like the times when I needed to be awake and alert at unholy hours, and it was only after I add lots of sugar and creamer that I would start sipping. One time, I had to work overnight on an important project and I decided to drink coffee as an excuse for a break and to perk up my flagging spirits — It was fortunate that what we had in the pantry was Nescafe Sweet ‘N Mild, because it made my coffee experience a pleasant one. Needless to say, I handed in my work on time, and I’ve been hooked on this 3-in-1 brew ever since.

  2. Coffee is to me as fuel is to a car. Yes, as cliche as it sounds, that’s how dependent I am on coffee. It wasn’t always like this. I only learned to drink coffee when I was around 23 years old, I think, but since then, I’ve been hooked. Nescafe is one of the brands we always buy, and since I love my coffee sweet, Nescafe 3-in-1 Sweet ‘n Mild is the perfect blend for me. We tried it at home the day after it’s commercial was first aired, and we’ve been hooked since then. As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, I make sure to start my day with a cup of Nescafe 3-in1 Sweet ‘n Mild. When its taste that’s just perfect hits my palate, my senses instantly opens up, making me ready to face the day. Funny, I can compare it to a sputtering car that’s almost out of gas. As soon as you refill it, it starts running smoothly again. That’s how Nescafe 3-in-1 Sweet ‘n Mild is to me. 🙂

  3. I was never been a coffee drinker before until I tried this Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘n Mild one day when i have no choice but to try a sip of it because at my cousin’s house they don’t have hot chocolate or something and I don’t like to go outside the house to buy for one. My worries in making my stomach to ache had gone until I noticed after 30 minutes that there is nothing happen to me. Hmmm, sounds like this one will be my buddy from now on and I’m starting to love its taste because of the creamer and the mild coffee from it. Plus, the aroma that I smell while making a cup of coffee with this Nescafe 3in1 Sweet ‘n Mild. Better get to the grocery and grab some pack if ever I don’t win but hopefully will pick! Thanks!

  4. I love Nescafe and their coffee products! The Nescafe 3in1 Sweet N’ Mild Coffee is one of my faves because it’s the perfect 3in1 coffee to start the day. I am not a morning person and I’m usually grumpy in the mornings, but when I started drinking this in the morning, I feel so much happier, I look forward to early morning breakfast with my husband because I know I will have a cup of 3in1 Sweet N’ Mild Coffee.. It just may be psychological, but still it works for me so I can care less, this variety will always be on my grocery shopping list.. 😀

  5. I am surrounded by friends who are diehard coffeeholics. Even my significant other cannot start his day properly without a cuppa. So it always comes as a surprise to them that I do not share their passion. Sure the aroma itself is enough to make you fall in love with this popular drink, but blame it on a childhood urban legend, I never got around to “loving” it. I hate thinking it would “stunt” my growth (yeah, that urban legend), and I am not fond of its bitter taste. I mean, I drink every now and then, especially at seminars and meetings that require me to keep awake, but I’m not what you would call “coffeeholic”. UNTIL I met Nescafe Sweet and Mild! Oh wow, do I like my stuff sweet… including coffee! So I may not be the diehard coffeeholic convert yet, but I would not mind drinking Nescafe Sweet and Mild every now and then. 🙂

  6. Coffee. I’ll forever be indebted to Nescafe whatever the variant is. You see, being a “torpe” made my life so dull during my high school and college days. I never had a girlfriend until I reached fourth year college. I had always preoccupy myself in studying, more books than “barkada”, and much more books and no girlfriend. During those times, coffee was my best friend. Studying seemed impossible for me if I don’t have a cup of coffee with me. Then there came this night that we have to spend an overnight stay at my classmate’s house for our thesis. Luckily, my ultimate crush was in the group. Around 3:30 AM, October 16, a Sunday, everybody were drowsy. I knew that was my last time, I knew that was the cue. So I went to the kitchen, made two cups of coffee, and brought it back to Sarah. That was the first time I had a looooong conversation with a girl. Since then, we became closer and eventually, the usual “I” became a “WE”. We’ll be celebrating our 8th year wedding anniversary this coming June, and for the past eight years of our marriage, Nescafe coffee never failed to make our mornings sweeter and our love stronger. From Nescafe original, we shifted to Nescafe brown, and now, we’re currently hooked with Sweet ‘n Mild. Take note, we shifted through different variants “together”. Nescafe, thank you for the sweetness you brought, I love you! but of course, next to my wife.

  7. I love coffee! I drink a cup in the morning and in the afternoon. It perks me up. But instead of drinking brewed, I would rather have those “white coffees” (coffee with creamer) that come in 3-in-1 packs because they are sweet and creamy! Yes, I love my coffee to be sweet and creamy. I love it both hot and cold.

    Which is the reason why NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD is the perfect blend for me. Ah oh, I would also like to mention that I love its purple packaging–it looks so sweet and dainty! 😀

  8. These past few days had been a turmoil. Sleepless night not just because of my severe back pain but unfortunately my youngest child was hospitalized. In times like those, I needed one good companion especially through the nights that I have to stay awake to take care of my patient and myself. And at this moment, my life is still stressful and NESCAFÉ 3in1 SWEET ‘N MILD never failed to calm me with its sweet and mild taste.

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