This is a late post, and when I say “late,” I mean almost two months late. You see, this was supposed to be a New Year’s post. You know, it’s sort of every blogger’s unwritten creed, to post their resolutions at the start of a new year. However, I totally forgot to post mine. It was only after I came across a website that featured Colorado real estate that I remembered to write this long overdue post.

You see, it’s one of my resolutions this year to save up for a property of my own, a property that is under my name alone. I plan to start saving this year, and I do hope that in five years’ time, I’d be able to build my dream house. I was inspired even more to start with the project because of the beautiful images of houses featured in the website. I figured if I can save enough money, then I could well afford to have a house just like that in one of the photos I saw.

It was of a lovely house right smack a golf course! It had a sundrenched interior, an open floor plan, very high ceilings, wooden floors, and skylights. The house was part of Boulder real estate properties for sale, and I instantly fell in love when I saw it. It even has a fireplace, four bedrooms, three toilet and baths, and a hot tub in the concrete patio!

Well, the house seems too grandiose considering I don’t have a big family. Nevertheless, I can always have a mini version of it, right? Hence, Project Dream House starts now and extends to the coming years.

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