Sunkist Orange Juice Drink with Real Orange Pulp


Earlier, while I was doing my usual grocery routine, I happen to passed by the beverage section of the supermarket. I was contemplating on buying a cola when I saw a line of juice drinks beside the batch of colas – the Sunkist Orange Juice Drinks. Sunkist caught my attention because of theP20 big savings it branded on each 1 liter bottle.

Because I am somewhat health conscious (or so I think), so when I was asked if I can give Sunkist Orange Juice Drink a try, I said yes without any hesitation. Actually, my mom said that I used to prefer orange juice drinks over soft drinks during my younger years. So, I guess I should give this one a try and let’s see if I’m going to love it and say good bye to my favorite cola drink.

From California to the Philippines, Sunkist remains to be a world-renowned and trusted brand for quality oranges. For more than a decade, Filipinos have been enjoying the natural goodness of Sunkist products through RFM Corporation, Sunkist Growers Inc.’s only licensee in the Philippines.

Excited to try it, I immediately poured and filled the glass with Sunkist Orange juice. I felt some real orange pulp and I can say that the juice tasted a little bit sweet, just like what real orange tastes. With this, I am convinced that Sunkist Orange Juice Drink is a healthy juice drink that can be a good replacement or alternative to my usual soft drinks. Now, Sunkist will definitely be in my next grocery list.

For only Php 37, you and your family can have a liter of refreshing and healthy Sunkist orange juice drink. To know more about Sunkist, you can Like their Facebook page here, and get to know the latest updates and promos.

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  1. my family just simply love the natural flavor and the taste of it. we bring it every where from home picnics, office,works etc…. thanks sunkist♥♥♥

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