Coming from a family of 6 makes everyday “A day of celebration” even with no occasion to celebrate. Even the time when videoke was not yet in common in the market, our family would gather almost everyday at our living room with our karaoke player on, always aiming to get a high score like of a professional singer.

Thus, the moment I learned about what Nescafe is brewing up, I got too excited! It is simply defined as NESCAFE YOUMEOKE, pronounced as “yoo-mi-oh-ki” from the words “a videoke of you and me“. It is a novel and refreshing spin to photo sharing in Facebook , one that allows users like me to create a slideshow of their Facebook photos in videoke style. Being a coffee drinker and a frequent Facebook user, this makes myself qualify of trying and creating one.

To get started, one does not need an MBA especially it’s created with the app’s fun and a friendly interface.

Here are the simple steps on how to create one:

  • Select an OPM song from three categories, namely OPM Classics, Senti Pinoy Hits, and Pinoy Bands.
  • You will be prompted to select a maximum of three friends.
  • Then, the app will search your photo bank for pictures where you and your friends are all tagged together, and automatically animate those pictures into a slideshow while playing it against the song of your choice.

Prizes to be won:

  • Ipad 16GB (3)
  • Premium items (T-Shirt, Notebook, Mug, Umbrella, Bag, USB)

What’s more, you can earn Nescafe Points for creating a Youmeoke slideshow that gives you a chance to win awesome prizes! The more YOUMEOKE videos you make, the more NESCAFÉ points you get!

I’ll show it off when I’m done making one. In the meantime, you may head on here and see for yourself.

Do not delay! I’m sure you don’t wanna miss a combination of “celebration, reminiscing and showing-it-off” moments with your family and friends.


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