I have my own version of the Caribbean dream. Palm trees swinging in the light sea breeze. Pristine white beach front as far as the eye can see… sounds like paradise. But building a home near a beach could be a luxury and indulgence for most people.

So why not create a beach-house-inspired look for your home? It is usually about relaxing outdoor space, stylish porches, patios and other outdoor spaces.

My dream “beach-house-inspired” house will have six different rooms. The main floor starts in the kitchen, which sports a small cooking area and a cozy table, complete with place settings.

Next to the kitchen sits the living room. With ample living room furniture, this room is a great area for the family to sit and talk or scheme.

The entire upper floor will be the bedrooms. One room for my future daughter, complete with a bed and a make up station. One for my future son, 1 master bedroom and 1 guestroom.

My dream “beach-house-inspired” house comes with appropriate outdoor furniture and two outdoor rooms to give the home that beach-front feel. I saw a hanging chair outdoor perfect for the patio.

What do you think of my dream house?

Mommy Iris

I'm a lifestyle and mommy blogger from the Philippines. Pinay Ads was created to share bits and pieces of my life and my family. I have a wide array of interests that include entertainment, movies, music, gadgets, traveling, food, baking, and more. So, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading!

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