Education is an endless process and so is learning; and being better starts with learning. As most of you will certainly agree, learning cannot be defined in a single word or phrase. Every individual has a different perception of this broad word; but, learning definitely includes reading.

As children, we start to learn through various ways including reading. Our parents bought educational books for us to learn several interesting things. As we started to go to school, our teachers assisted us to better understand what we have read from books. So you see, there are a lot of means from where we can learn and it’s not only the students who are learning, but the teachers are also learning in the process.

In line with this, educational entrepreneurs, Jerry Vicente Catabijan and May Jovero-Catabijan of Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation, produce textbooks for grade school up to high school levels. They always see to it that these textbooks are appealing, not just the cover but the content, as well, to both the teachers and the students. They know that in order for the teachers to effectively teach the students, the books should contain all the necessary information that the teachers require. As for the students, the contents and graphics must catch their attention for them to become drawn to the book.

In addition, the couple created the website; better here is not just a word but also an acronym that means “Better Education Thrives Through Endless Reading”.

Be Better is a website that contains free articles on various topics such as teaching tips, book features and profiles on writers and other educators, among others. Contributors include dedicated teachers who are humble enough to share their knowledge to everyone. A Facebook Page is likewise created to keep abreast with the latest trends of today, as well as, to reach a wider audience. The website does not claim their website to be a substitute to any regular classroom lesson but an aid for both educators and learners to be better through reading in the course of tips and other useful articles posted.

Mr. Catabijan would like to invite everyone, whether in the field of education or not, who have interest in learning and education to check out and sign up for its regular newsletters to get updated. Together, we can make this world a better place to learn through reading and become better in the process.

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