If you were used to traveling in a car with the air conditioner running full blast, you’d be in a state of shock when it suddenly goes kaput. That’s what happened to us last week. We were cruising along in our car when the air conditioner started acting strangely. No sooner has it happened, and then we started smelling something stinky that seemed to be coming outside. I told my husband to just turn it off and roll the windows down, since we didn’t know what to do and had no idea what was wrong.

As soon as we reached our destination, my husband called up his friend to ask for referrals. We wanted to take the car to an air conditioner shop that specializes in specific makes and models of cars. Fortunately, hubby’s friend referred him to Mang Mario, a car air conditioner specialist who charges affordable rates. This deal seemed to be as good as it got, so off hubby went to the shop.

According to Mang Mario, the problem was with the air oil separator, the very thing that separates or filters the oily vapor from engines and removes the oil allowing the air to pass through. That was the reason why there was a stench when the air conditioner started acting up. It’s a good thing the air conditioner shop had spare parts available, and it was Mang Mario who gladly chose the model that was just right for our car.

Next, he told hubby that since we were replacing the separator, we might as well replace the air compressor filter, too. The two go hand in hand, so Mang Mario says. One cannot function without the other, since the filter ensures that the air expelled by the air conditioner is free of impurities and even debris.

So now, our car air conditioner is functioning normally again, all thanks to Mang Mario and his expertise. Now, there’s no more stench and no longer do we have to endure the heat. Here’s to happy travels ahead!

Mang Mario Aircon Shop
Mang Mario – Aircon Specialist
146 Fort Santiago St,
Bago Bantay, Quezon City
Landline: 9201708
Mobile: 09193938197

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