These last few weeks, I am experiencing stressful events in my life. Most of the times, I am not in the mood to work to update my blogs and accomplish other online tasks. Whenever I am in front of my computer monitor, I spend most of my times staring blankly at the screen as if I don’t know what I am going to do. When these instances happen, I usually end up playing online games as this is one of my ways to relieve stress. At times I try to play bingo online for cash and try my luck. Although, I am not the type to gamble, I guess I have to experience this every now and then.

Playing bingo online is more manageable for me, as compared to going to malls and other bingo playing centers where I have to spend all my time playing there and be cautious and conscious with the other players. If I am playing online, I think that I own my time; I can manage my time and that I can stop anytime I want and attend to other things at the same time, like socializing with my friends through Facebook, video conferencing, downloading movies, updating my blogs and a lot of these worthwhile activities.

See the advantage of playing online as compared to playing the actual game where you need to focus and put all your attention to the game and your cards? With online games, you can do multitasking. Also, with this computer game, it is not hard to stop playing, I mean, you can walk out anytime, you can click the x button anytime (to stop the game), you can opt to pause the game, you can reset the game and a lot more of other options that are not available in the actual game setting.

Now doing this post has finally made me forget a stressful event.

Mommy Iris

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