My husband and I have just celebrated our anniversary. Now, I’m once again busy looking for a perfect Christmas gift for Monch. Since my husband is such a fan of music, I’m planning of giving him a gift related to his passion – music.

So when I received the Marshall Headphones for review, a light bulb over my head just lit up!

Marshall offers what it calls the Major and Minor Headphones. At first glance, it looked like a stereotype headphone but at a closer look, I have seen the intricate details specifically created for the comfort of music lovers.

Marshall, as mentioned, created 2 types of headphones, the Major headphones, which is placed over-the-head, and Minor Earphones, which have a snug-fit design and comes with a cable clip. With Marshall Major Headphones, the headband has the manufacturer Jim Marshall’s signature scribbled beneath and covered in vinyl.

On the external portion of each black ear cup, you can find a sort of insignia of Marshall scribbled in white.

Aside from that, the company promises comfort without compromising the sound quality because of its 15.4mm moving coil vibrant speakers which brings music to life the way it is supposed to.

And if you by chance would like to take The Major off of your head, they are foldable for easy storage and transportation.

On the other hand, The Minor earphones have an EarClick system that secures the earphones on the ear together with an integrated mic and a remote on the left side for additional feature of this dynamic accessory. In addition, it likewise includes another accessory, which is in the form of a 3.5mm extension cable.

The Minor comes with interchangeable earpads (Size adjustable with four separate, silicone size pads).

It also comes with microphone and remote for use with your cell phone.

When it comes to sound, these headphones have the best sound quality I have ever heard. The sound is very clear, crisp and pure! These Marshall products deliver intense sound! Amazing!

Though Marshall Headphones are a bit pricey (Suggested Retail Price: Major headphones – P4,650; Minor earbuds – P2,650), but with all these specs, I have no doubt in my mind that Marshall Headphones are the perfect gift for my husband. (Too bad, I had to return these units) =p

Marshall Headphones are available at the following stores:

8Telcom – Davao
Beyond The Box
Digital Hub
Digital Hub – CDO
Digital Walker
ECentral – Cebu
Gadgets iN Style
iStore – Cebu
iStore – Dumaguete
Listening Room
PC Hub
Power Hub – Davao
Power Mac Center
Urban Athletics

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