Coca-Cola: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

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Being away from home is a great sacrifice that every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) battle with each day that they are far away from home. OFW’s are truly the modern day heroes that should be rewarded for conquering homesickness in exchange for the bright future of their loved ones back in the Philippines. There are more than 11 millions OFW’s who have left the country, especially their loved ones, to find better opportunities abroad so that they can uplift their way of life and their loved ones, too!

When I watched the video, Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project I was so touched hearing the stories of three (3) OFW’s that were rewarded by Coca-Cola with the “Happiness” that they truly deserve. Joe Marie Ballon, an X-ray Technologist from Iloilo, who had not went home for 5 years, Leonie Villanueva, a caregiver from Quezon City, who was away from her kids for approximately 9 years and Joey Doble, a baby sitter from Pampanga, who has been away from her family for 11 years and to think that he left when his youngest son is only a year old. These three lucky OFW’s were given the opportunity of the Coca-Cola Project to be home this Christmas and share the yuletide season with their loved ones, who were surprised to see them. There is no greater happiness than being with the family this season and enjoying the moment with a glass of coke.


The Coca-Cola’s Project: Coca-Cola Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, is an effective way to give back to all the Filipino Overseas Workers who have been selflessly working hard for the betterment of their family’s future.  Being home this Christmas is a perfect gift that every OFW look forward to every year and Coca-Cola is generous enough to grant that wish.

Now, to all the families of OFW’s, can you guess who’s coming for dinner?

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