Osteoporosis is a silent disease that has claimed numerous lives around the world and is creeping across the country like a thief in the night. Without getting noticed, it can take away our most cherished possession—our life.

Such was the powerful message of the recent nationwide celebration of World Osteoporosis Day that saw close to 4,000 Filipino women from all over the country joining hands to raise awareness on the fatal silent disease. Simultaneous events under the umbrella theme “Kumilos ka, Sis” were held in Quezon City, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Baguio and Bacolod to highlight the cause of osteoporosis and how it greatly affects the quality of life.

Anlene, the brand that has been leading the campaign against osteoporosis, conducted a Nationwide Bone Health Check Caravan to scan about 4,000 Filipinos to educate people about bone health and assess if they’re at risk of osteoporosis.

“Osteoporosis is a disease we should all take seriously,” states Louise Yu, Anlene Philippines senior brand manager. “It’s a disease that can put an end to the activities we love to do. Worse, it can put an end to one’s life. The Philippines is one in observing World Osteoporosis Day so that we can elevate the awareness level of Filipinos on this deadly disease and prevent the onset of osteoporosis.”

Osteoporosis occurs when the bone mass decreases quickly more than the body can replace it, leading to a net loss of bone strength. As a result, bones become brittle that even a slight bump can lead to painful fractures. It affects all bones in the body but fractures occur mostly in the spine, hips, and wrist. The alarming part is that, according to statistics, 20 percent of those who suffer hip fracture die within six months after the fracture. What is so critical about osteoporosis is that it manifests no signs or symptoms until a fracture occurs.

Dubbed as the silent disease, osteoporosis almost always leads to irreparable damage or even fatality if not addressed early on.

Fitness instructors engaged the participants by leading weight-bearing exercises that are vital in preventing osteoporosis, while doctors gave bone health lectures to explain the nature of the disease. An Anlene Bone Health Discovery Tunnel was also mounted to interactively inform consumers about bones and the repercussions of osteoporosis.

The highlight of the day was the free bone scanning at the Anlene Bone Health Check stations. “Bone scanning is a routine check-up that most Filipinos don’t have access to. Without proper bone scanning, it will be difficult for them to estimate if they have osteoporosis,” said Angela Pablo, Fonterra senior nutritionist. “And if they already have osteoporosis, bone scanning can help the address their conditions accordingly.”

The Anlene Bone Health Check is the heart of Anlene’s Osteoporosis Advocacy. The service, which would approximately costs P4,000 in a hospital, is given free to the public with no purchase requirement. After patients get a one-minute ultrasound bone scan, they can consult with a nutritionist who then initially assesses bone health.

For the past 11 years, Anlene, the only milk in the world that is clinically proven to reduce bone breakdown within four weeks, has been actively leading the campaign against osteoporosis. The Anlene Bone Health Check has been going around the Philippines as a medical caravan that provides free bone scanning and assessment. The mission has scanned over a million patients and Anlene has allocated P150-million investment to bring the mission to more provinces.

Through the nationwide observation of World Osteoporosis Day, Anlene, together with the local government leaders who gave their support to the events, hopes to make more Filipino women aware of the devastating impacts osteoporosis can bring into their lives. Armed with good health and the right information, these women can look forward to living their lives to the fullest.

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