Kapeng Barako for Christmas Gifts or Company Giveaways


Christmas is coming soon, have you already prepared your gifts well for your friends and family members?

If your answer is ‘No’, don’t worry I have a suggestion for you.

KAPE REAL’s Kapeng Barako!!!

Kape Barako is prepared using a drip brewing device, French press, or by simply pouring hot water unto the grounds and filtering the mixture using a piece of cloth. Barako is best sweetened with honey or brown sugar. Barako can be used to make espresso and other espresso.

Coffee is a wonderful Christmas gift to give to family and friends especially to those who are coffee drinkers. I think almost everyone loves coffee, that’s why coffee shops are everywhere! =)

KAPE REAL – KAPENG BARAKO is also pefect for Company Giveaways


  • It’s affordable.
  • It taste good (good for Noche Buena Celebration)
  • It’s elegantly pack (looks expensive)
  • It’s 100% Pinoy Product!

***KAPENG BARAKO WITH THIS PACKAGING ARE BEING SOLD AT 250.00 to 300.00 for 250 grams in SUPERMARKET/HIGH END GROCERY STORES, with Pinay Ads we can get it directly from the supplier of coffee, you can get is as low as 150.00 for 250 grams.

The package includes:

  • Jutsack
  • Elegant Tag (orders more than 100 will have an option to create their own design tag)
  • 250 grams coffee

For orders, you may leave a comment below or you may use my contact page.

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    1. hi chintz how many ang need nyo ask ko sa friend ko kase meron din sila ng ganyan pero kape fromg alfonso..

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