My Shirt Story: My Favorite Shirt For Advocacy


The picture shown (right) is one of my favorite t-shirts that I have. Actually, I own a very few shirts and if my memory serves me right, I guess I possess not more than ten shirts. So, when I say, “this is one of my favorite shirts”, this simply means that I treasure it that much and I will do anything not to lose or damage the shirt. You might ask me, “what’s so important with this shirt?”.I know, for most of you, this shirt might seem just like any other shirt and even an ordinary person can have similar shirt whenever and wherever they want. Yes, it’s true, but as for me? It means a lot. Yes, a lot.

Now, let me tell you why I treasure a shirt as simple as this, with an equally plain print that says: “Pinoy Blogger”. You know, before I became one of the “successful” bloggers here in the country, I once have an offline day job that gives me just enough compensation. Although that was the case, I bravely decided to leave that job because I was not happy with it anymore and every time I came to work, I felt I was being sort of “sentenced to death”. I don’t know why, but that was how I felt, at least during those times.

Anyway, last 2008, after I left my day job, I tried blogging. At first, I was really unsure about it, especially during those times that most people I know suspiciously asked me if I can really earn from blogging or can blogging really sustain my daily needs; even I was not sure about the answer that time. In addition, when people asked me the source of my income and when I replied “blogging” or “I am a blogger”, I can really see the curious looks in their eyes as blogging, that time, is not as popular as it is now, thus I find it hard to explain my “work” to them.

Nevertheless, I worked hard day and night, to prove to those people that I can succeed in blogging, while enjoying the benefits that go with it. Yes, there are a lot of benefits that I enjoy being a blogger, some of these benefits are

1. Getting to know other bloggers, which means, we share the same sentiments and obviously, we understand each other. I even found some “confidants” in them.

2. Attending events, where (sometimes) I am treated as one of the VIPs. It’s a great feeling, really.

3. I get to be invited to various restaurant openings and other food launching events, meaning I get to taste the food, for FREE!

4. I receive free products or product samples and review them in return (an easy task, eh?)

5. I get to travel from one place to another for free (with free accommodation at times) from winning some blogging contests or as compliments.

6. Income possibilities are endless – this means that what I earn depends on how I perform.

One of the fruits of my labor

7. Lastly, but definitely not the least, because of blogging, I am the master of my time, meaning I don’t have to wake up early, and do the usual “time-in-time-out” routine. Also, I am my own boss so no one scolds me or there’s no fear of being fired!

In fact, the list of benefits I get from blogging is endless and what I listed here are just few of the many.

But I also have to take note that being a blogger is not as easy as it may seem. Although I own my time and just work as I please, there are also ups and downs, especially that the income is not steady. There were times where I have below than “minimum wage” income and when this happens, I find it hard to make both ends meet. Even though this is the case, I just strived harder and work my way up to sort of “redeem” myself from the “judgments” I receive from other people. I endure sleepless nights to grab online opportunities and/or brazenly asked for advertisers to put their ads on my site for a “less than usual rates”; the sacrifices continue even until now.

Because of these experiences, I can still confidently say that I am a “Proud Pinoy Blogger” because I survived the first three difficult years of blogging. This is the reason why when I first saw this shirt last April of this year, I immediately decided to buy it as through this I can be always reminded how I worked hard to earn what I have today and become one of the considered “modern media”. Isn’t it a pride?

I love this shirt! Now I want someone to love it, too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.

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  1. Nice shirt….do you think I can be a blogger so I can get that shirt? Nah, I want to be blogger to help out with your advocacy.

  2. It is really hard to let go of something that means a lot to you especially if that something became a big part of your success! But it’s okay sis, before you hand it over to the next owner, say a short prayer for that person to take care of it and that he/she may also be blessed just like you.

  3. I have been longing to own one of those Pinoy Bloggers shirt! I wish they’d have it in black and v-neck! Hehehe.

    About your entry, first, let me just say that I can completely relate with your story about leaving your job and pursuing blogging for a living. I never thought I’d be earning from my blogging. All I wanted before was readership. But, as time passed by, I guess it’s truly inevitable. When you’ve reached a certain amount of following, advertisers and opportunities will come knocking on your door.

    I wish you more opportunities in the future, sis Iris! *hugs* I can really relate as blogging now has been one of my sources of income, too, even when I’ve got my own biz.

    Good luck with your entry! 🙂

  4. I can certainly relate to your sentiments sis…It’s really hard to be a blogger in many aspects…but a fulfilling “work”…. you get to express your feeling, while earning at the same time…

    Good luck sa entry mo, sis!

  5. I am so proud of you, because you used what you learned, related to your course, Mass Communication, first i don’t understand what blogging is?, but because of you, now i understand the role of a blogger and what are your benefits from it, and vice are very articulate in your blog, and most of the time you become a winnner of your blog, when there is a contest..

  6. I love the shirt – and the car. I hope come my three years, maachieve ko din yan. Best of all, I feel for you sis. I can relate to your story as I have been trying to make the most of my blogging too. When you’re just starting and testing the tides, blogging can be frustrating but with patience and persistence, it can be very rewarding. Good luck to our blogging career 🙂

  7. love that shirt! + love that red car + although I am far from buying even a single spare part to make me a car, I am also very grateful to be a blogger, not only for the perks + the freebies, but more so for finding people of like minds who share the same aspirations + dreams…hope to see you soon, wearing this shirt, sis 😀

  8. You really are an inspiration especially to those who want to earn from blogging. Dream job yan of most mommies although I know that the job can be very demanding. Kaya nga ikaw na! Idol!

  9. I love the shirt, I also have that but it was too large , I ran out of smaller size. Thanks for sharing your tales about blogging to everyone. Hope to see you around..

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