I love to travel around the world but due to time and budget constraints, my husband and I were only able to visit local destination like Palawa, Boracay and more.

I want to travel to learn about different culture, and experience living in other countries even for a day or two.

But like I said, due to limited budget, our travel is also limited. But it doesn’t stop me from learning from different cultures from different countries as I discovered a postcards exchange site that invites everyone to send and receive postcards from random places in the world for free!

Here is how postcrossing works: you sign up and request an address. The site emails you the address of some person in the world (you can indicate if you want only international addresses or if you’re ok with domestic too) and a little description that the person writes about his or herself. You also write a numerical code somewhere on the postcard. Once the person receives the card, they enter it into the website, and you get “credit” for having sent it. For every postcard you send, your address will be provided to another user so that you can get one.

So far, I already sent postcards to someone in China, New York, Finland. And I received 3 postcards in return from Germany, Malaysia and New Zealand.

I usually send personalized post cards. Since I know a company that offers full color postcard printing at competitive prices. I want to send postcards with my personal touch like I’m using my own photos of Philippine beaches.

But I prefer receiving postcards with country’s famous tourist spots or with recipes of their famous dish in their country.

If you want to receive postcards from other countries, you may want to check some postcard exchange program found online.

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