Although Father’s Day is over, you can still show him you care. Shy to tell your dad how you much you love them. Why not write your dad a love letter telling him just how much you care and you might win a Samsung D6600 Smart TV 46-inch or Samsung D5500 Smart TV 40-inch.

Samsung Smart TV invites all of us to join “Dear Dad, I want a Samsung Smart TV” Contest and write a short note to our fathers using the Dear Dad application.

Just follow the 5 easy steps on how to join the promo:

1. Like the Samsung TV Ph Fan page and register for the Dear Dad Contest!

2. Select or create your own letter that you want to send your Dad.

  • What is your Dad’s favorite past time?
  • Add picture to your letter
  • Choose your font
  • Choose a paper

3. Type in your Dad’s name and write a personal message about how you can bond with him through a SMART TV.

4. Type in your Dad’s email address and click send.
5. Post it your wall, share to your friends and get a chance to win a SAMSUNG SMART TV for you and your Dad!

It’s easy to join, right? You can view my entry here and please “like” it: My Samsung Smart TV Dear Dad Promo.

My dad loves music, he lives for music and he’s the very reason I live for music today much like him. I remember waking up every Sunday morning listening to the familiar tune of The Beatles, Spandau Ballet, and New Wave era songs. I wouldn’t have the knowledge, nor the appreciation for music if it weren’t for my dad.

So I really hope my dad and I win this Smart TV. I’d like to share to my dad my music playlist, with the new Samsung Smart TV! It also allows users to easily search for movies, TV shows, browse the web, explore Samsung Apps, chat with friends, and much more.

With Samsung Smart TV, I can even search our other Samsung devices for songs, music videos, and lyrics via its Search All feature and share it to everyone in the family! I’m sure my dad will love the new Samsung Smart TV, so please like my entry here: My Samsung Smart TV Dear Dad Promo.

Join in and win a Samsung Smart TV for you and your Dad today!

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