Boracay has been well-known to be one of the tourist destinations here in the country and I (actually my husband and I) have been planning to go to Boracay ever since. Luckily, my husband won a free trip to Boracay, 3 days 2 nights, (including fare and accommodation) during the Gran Prix Bloggers’ Event.

So last July 8, we left Manila around 12 in the afternoon via Zest Air. It was our first time with Zest Air and we were a little bit nervous because of some negative feedbacks I’ve heard from our fellow bloggers, plus it’s said that Zest Air have delayed flight schedules. Fortunately, during our flight, they were on time and we arrived at Kalibo, Aklan around 2pm.

Then the Southwest Tour fetched us from the airport going to Caticlan jetty port. From the port, a boat took us to Boracay Island then we were taken by the shuttle bus going to Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway. We were at the hotel around 4PM.

At the reception, I immediately noticed the sweet smell of the hotel, the smell alone has assured us that the place is clean and well-maintained. Anyway, my hubby just mentioned his name and they warmly accommodated us, prepared 2 glasses of iced tea and gave us the keycard for our room accommodation. Before we were cordially escorted to our assigned room, the receptionist asked us for our breakfast orders.

When we entered our deluxe room, although it was a little bit small, a sweet scent welcomed us and the bed is just so inviting that I have to fight hard not to sleep, although we had a long-day trip. The room was almost perfect – it was well-air conditioned, there is a cable TV, there is a hot and cold shower – until I inspected the refrigerator, there was no drinking water inside it. Anyway, we don’t want to waist our time, so we changed into our “beach outfits”.

The Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway is a beachfront hotel, between Astoria and Yellowcab in Station 1. Since the place is not that crowded, maybe because it’s not a peak season, we enjoyed each moment being there. We had our picture taking at the Grotto, then we decided to spend the rest of the day with an endless walk because my husband and I wanted to feel the fine white sand of the island. It was really an amazing experience!

We also tried the famous Shakes of Jonah’s and I can say, the praises are really worth it. As we continued with our “mission” (that is to have an endless walk and enjoy the white sand), we did it while munching some hotdogs we bought from one of the stalls there. At around 7 in the evening, we went to D’ Mall and decided to have our dinner at Mang Inasal (para tipid…LOL).

Heavy rained poured and I worry about the camera, since we don’t have an umbrella; what we did is that we asked a plastic from Mang Inasal, wrapped the camera securely, and then we strolled back to our hotel. Actually, we were planning to have a long walk again after the heavy rain but to my dismay, I had a fever, so we just slept. Early in the morning, heavy rain poured again and we were wondering if we will ever enjoy our stay in Boracay with that kind of weather; fortunately, it stopped until sometime.

At around 9 in the morning, we had our breakfast in bed, yes, you read it right, breakfast in bed, courtesy of course, of Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway. It was like a honeymoon for us! Let’s just proceed. (LOL). Anyway, the TapSiLog (tapa, sinangag and itlog), tasted good and I’m just happy that they cooked the sunny side up egg according to my request – to sort of overcook it. You should really try it.

After breakfast, there’s no room for wasting time, so we left our slippers and other stuffs at the reception area because wet slippers, even wet person (is there such term?) are not allowed to enter the hotel. We excitedly enjoyed swimming at the beach because of the very fine sands tickling my toes, no stones or any other hard or unwanted objects underwater, just fine white sand and I really really like it (sounds like Ryan Bang?)

During lunch time, we took our stuffs at the reception area and we were amazed that we find our things arranged as they were when we left them.

We tried the famous calamansi muffin and banana muffin with walnut at the Real Coffee, which is just like ten steps away from the Hotel. I liked the calamansi muffin but it tasted a little bit sour, so we just ordered for 5 boxes of banana muffin with walnut for pasalubong as early as that day because you have to order at least a day before.

We then enjoyed the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), for only P500.00 each. We also visited Mt. Luho and appreciated the views.

I wanted to try the horseback riding but I didn’t bring any horse riding apparel. So around 3:30 in the afternoon, we once again dip into the crystal clear water of the Boracay Beach. Since I really love beaches, I really don’t want that day to end because I just wanted to spend it in the water.

At night, after dinner, we watched one of Boracay’s main attractions, the Fire Dance.

We really enjoyed the day, and even the night and we were so exhausted when we went back to the hotel. Again, I had a fever that night and I have no medicines left, so my husband ask the receptionist if they have medicine or if they’re selling some medicines, unfortunately they don’t have one and added that pharmacies are already closed during those hours, so I have no choice but to sleep my fever away.

The next day, I was feeling ok and we planned to take a swim for the last time but we were so exhausted plus the shuttle bus will fetch us at 10am, so we just packed our stuffs and waited for our “sundo”.

We safely arrived at Manila on July 10, 2011, around 4 in the afternoon.

To sum our first Boracay Get Away, the whole vacation was really fun and memorable, not just because it was our first time, but also because it was hassle free, thanks to Gran Prix! Not to mention that we enjoyed the white sand and the crystal clear water of Boracay. The Gran Prix Boracay Hideaway Hotel has a really good service, friendly and accommodating staffs, safe and secure hotel, sweet smelling and clean place to stay. I only have one, no actually, two suggestions, first, I suggest they put drinking water in the ref and the other one is to stock medicines and other first aid kits in case of emergency, whether free or with a charge. As for the Zest Air, which have already received several negative feedbacks from their passengers, well, for me, my flight experience with Zest Air is fine and that the flight was not delayed.

What’s next? We will be definitely returning to Boracay one of these days. It’s truly one of the Philippine’s prides!

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