Women of today can be whatever they want to be. They can play various roles simultaneously and still do an excellent job. Overall health is vital in making sure that women enjoy the empowered life they deserve.

Pascual Consumer Health Care Corp has launched a line of health supplements specially formulated for women. The A!Life line of natural supplements for women focuses on helping women stay healthy making them feel good and look good.

The A!Life range of products was launched last June 9, 2011 at Tian-Di Heaven and Earth Urban Spa in San Juan, Greenhills. Together with some members of the press and fellow bloggers, I attended the event to experience first-hand the inner health and outer beauty benefits that A!Life has to offer.

A press conference was held to formally launch A!Life natural health supplements.

Included in this line of natural supplements are:

  • A!Life Control – It contains Phase 2 white kidney bean extract that blocks carbohydrates absorption, maintain body weight and control blood sugar levels. Preferably taken 2 hours before a meal, A!Life Control is the perfect supplement that will help you achieve the slimmer figure you desire.
  • A!Life Energy – Perfect for women who lead very active lifestyles, A!Life Energy contains the natural power of Malunggay which is filled with vital nutrients, amino acids and vitamins. It gives the extra boost of energy that women need to face a busy and sometimes stressful day ahead.
  • A!Life Restore – Ideal for women who want to revive their youthful glow, A!Life Restore contains Injuv, a Hyaluronic acid which restores moisture from within and helps eliminate the signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. A!Life Restore rejuvenates the skin and combats premature aging giving your skin its radiant glow.
  • A!Life Posture – It not only contains Calcium but Ostivone which helps increase bone density. Ostivone is a unique bone nutrient that has been proven to stimulate the formation of new bone cells. It keeps the bone strong for better posture.
  • A!Life Protect – It contains Pycnogenol, a natural anti-oxidant that helps the immune system defend against free radicals and promotes healthy glowing skin.
  • A!Life Trim – Enriched with Ampalaya and Banaba, A!Life Trim aids in managing glucose levels and helps maintain a trim figure.

The different A!life brand ambassadors were also introduced during the press conference. They represent women who take care of their personal well-being and encourage others to do the same. The A!Life brand ambassadors are :

  • A!Life Posture Brand Ambassador Shawn Yao – TV Personality and Pilates Enthusiast
  • A!Life Control Brand Ambassador Lucy Torres – Congresswoman, celebrity and mother
  • A!Life Restore Brand Ambassador Patty Bettita – Model and Image Consultant
  • A!Life Protect Brand Ambassador Lexi Schulze – TV Personality and Anti-Cancer Advocate
  • A!Life Energy Brand Ambassador Lorraine Lapus – Athlete and Business executive

They talked about the importance of living a healthy life and the benefits of taking A!Life vitamin supplements.

During the registration, guests were asked which activity they would like to participate in after the press conference. The activities were called Face Time, Glow by Exfoliation, Shake It Up, Yogilates and Project Makeover. At the Glow by Exfoliation activity, we had a fun time preparing our own Do-It-Yourself coffee scrub. We only had to mix coffee, olive oil, honey and brown sugar together and viola! –we have our own scrub made from natural ingredients.

Attending the event was indeed such an informative and enriching activity. Like all the other guests, I am now making a conscious effort of adopting a healthier lifestyle. And with the help of A!Life natural supplement, I know I can achieve just that.

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