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People who fluently speak English language, especially those who have the correct intonation, pronunciation, accent or even the pitch, are more likely to be admired by other people as compared to those who are not, thus their oozing self confidence. This is what I have learned from the free workshop conducted by Maros Training and Consultancy Services (MTACS) last May 28,2011, Saturday, which I have attended. It was held at the Blue Sky Suite Hotel in Cubao, Quezon City.

When my husband, Montsch, and I were invited to attend the free workshop, we immediately decided to go because we’re sure that we will be learning a lot, which fortunately, we did! As you know, I was once a call center agent for almost four years, but to tell you honestly, I was a little nervous to talk or speak in front of other people. This is perhaps the reason why I ended with my current “job” – blogging. In blogging, I don’t need to talk to people directly or “live”; all I have to do is write and post what’s on my mind. But of course, I know, someday, somehow, time will come that I need to stand in front of other people and do some talking.

Attending the workshop hosted by MTACS, which is owned by experts Roxy Ortiz and Marinel Mejia (both are skilled and highly qualified trainers), will be useful and will come handy anytime. At first, I thought the workshop will be boring like the rest I have attended, so I brought my iPod and my cool iPod accessory with me, just in case. Fortunately, I didn’t have time to use it since Maros Training and Consultancy Services (MTACS) is an expert in creating a friendly atmosphere in order for everyone to feel relaxed and at ease. In that way, learning will be easy and fun! Although they expected more or less 50 guests to attend (including those from Dep Ed , Department of Agriculture, Metro Bank, Accenture, Sykes, Culinary Best Sources Inc, Global Team Spaces Phils Inc.), we ended up less than 20 due to bad weather caused by heavy rainfall; nevertheless, the learning is incomparable. The topics and activities of the workshop taught us, the participants, on how to speak or communicate effectively with ease and confidence.

The learning was fun as we were taught various exercises or ways to enhance our communication skills. MTACS even taught us an interesting tongue exercise where we have to let out of our tongue then move it up and down several times. They also suggested that we do that 5 minutes a day for five days as this will somewhat “soften” the tongue so as to help us pronounce the world correctly. If we can do faster, the better, they added. Aside from the tongue exercise, we were likewise encouraged to utter this tongue twister:” The sixth sick shiek’s sixth sheep’s sick” – the hardest tongue twister in the world according to Guinness World of Records. Obviously, that was really hard, but try and try until you succeed, they say.

There were other fruitful activities done during the free workshop – thanks to the Major Sponsors Billy Gualberto, Kota Keluaraga, Luisa Biienvenida, Kangaroo Jack -Gateway Cubao, Sugar Rush Cakes and Pastries and Blue Sky Suites Hotel as well as, to Justin, Precious and PJ Mejia. In fact, we were surprised that more than 4 hours (from 1:00PM-5:30PM) has already passed and that the training has to come to an end. After the free workshop, I can say that I have enjoyed learning to improve my speaking/communication skills that I should be able to face and talk to a crowd more confidently next time.

Well, for those who are interested to improve your English communication skills, I am proud to recommend Maros Training and Consultancy Services (MTACS) as it provides the option to learn privately or in small groups, unlike others. Furthermore, they offer trainings for Language Enhancement, Personal Improvement, Career Advancement and other communications related trainings and workshops.

Roxy Ortiz and Marinel Mejia with workshop attendees

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  1. ..yeah that is also my weakness speaking in front of many people,,whats worst is if am required to speak not in my native language. and just like you Iris maybe I am here in blogging because here walang makikialam sayo..if meron sarilinin na lang nila. 🙂

  2. Nakaka dagdag talaga ng self-confidence pag tama na nga yung English mo like tamang grammar at construction tama pa ang pagka pronounce. Kaya ako hanggang back office lng din.. 😀 Need some confidence booster din.. 😀

  3. @filipina blogger, same here. kaya mas like ko blogging, kasi we can check and re-check kung tama ung grammar. unlike pag personal kang kausap, d mo na pwdeng bawiin ung sinasabi mo lalo n kung mali grammar at pronunciation =)

    1. hi joy, this is marinel of mtacs! I would like to invite you to the part two of the workshop that you have missed last time.. The workshop entitled ” Access the Axes of the English Workshop Part 2″ will be held on August 20 ,2011( Sat)· 12:30pm – 5:30pm at the 2nd Flr Butter Diner Shopwise Arcade ,Gen Aguinalo Ave Araneta Center Cubao,
      Quezon City, Philippines.

      This will be a four hour and a half event that will supplement, the first Language Enhancement that MTACServices has conducted last May 28,2011.
      Unlike the first workshop there will be a registration fee of 350 Php .This will be inclusive of snacks and certificates based on our dti license.

      The workshop will cover exercises and activities that will enhance communication skills and adapt a certain speech pattern.

      Hope to see you there!

  4. @to all, in writing you will still be corrected by you proofreader and in blogging, you still will be corrected, by your readers. There are many reasons why people enjoy reading blogs rather than speaking. People want to learn something new everyday, that’s what reading is all about, to read something new and what’s happening each day. In a book, for example, no page is typed twice unless the event in the story of the book has happened twice. In writing, you extend to your readers, hoping they will be able to read your blog. In speaking, the confidence of you extending YOURSELF to the people around you is like a chain. The form of communication is oral, however way you speak, the person you are speaking to will listen. As I see in the event of the workshop…. maybe that’s why they said workshop.. they will work on the skill of speaking not the American way but in a neutral way. The workshop concentrated on how you can improve and be better not to be insulted because your grammar is wrong or correct you on how you said a word because you said it the wrong way. You can’t sound american because we are not americans. You can sound like a native english speaker but not an american. You may learn the american way of speaking but can not be an american. So you see guys, learning is a process just like writing. You learn to write better each time we blog, just as speaking.. Don’t be ashamed to be corrected, be proud you’ve learned something new when you are corrected so you can d o the same to others. Like I said, its like a chain…

  5. Oral Communication is essential in our daily lives, We talk to our partners, our spouses, our children, our parents, our friends, our helpers, our loved ones and people we encounter everyday. We get to speak using our native tongue but we know that English is the universal Language. As Filipinos, English has been an integral part of our lives. English has been the medium of our education . Subjects like science, math, reading, ela , physics etc are taught in English and it is indeed an edge if you converse in English well because it is the universal language thus, making it easier for an individual to be understood globally…

  6. I used to be shy and scared to speak in public because i know that i am a better writer than speaker. I also express my self better in writing than speaking.

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