When Electrolux launched a competition for bloggers called the Doom of the Broom, with the new Electrolux Dynamica as its prize, I knew that I had to join. Using a walis tambo (broom) for everyday household cleaning is proving to be a cumbersome task that I was certain that the Electrolux Dynamica is a much better alternative.

Last May 12, 2011, all of the bloggers that entered the competition were invited to an event for the announcement of winners. The new Electrolux Dynamica was also introduced during the event.

The Dynamica is the new line of vacuum cleaners from Electrolux, the global leader in household appliances. It comes in a sleek design making it one of the most stylish vacuum cleaners in the market today. Unlike the usual vacuum cleaners that are big and bulky, the Electrolux Dynamica is easy to handle because it only weighs 1.6 kilograms. But don’t let its size fool you. The Dynamica is one powerful vacuum. Its motor brush and cyclone action enables the vacuum to pick up not just the usual dust and dirt but even bigger pieces of trash. It has a double-jointed floor nozzle that enables it to swivel from side to side making those hard-to-reach areas easy to clean.

During the event, a product demonstration was also conducted. I was so convinced with the efficiency of the Dynamica that I told myself that if my entry is not chosen as one of the ten winners, I will start saving for one.

But it seems that there won’t be a need for that because I ended up winning the grand prize! I was so excited when they announced my name as the grand prize winner. Aside from the Electrolux Dynamica, I also brought home a portable induction cook top and a rice cooker. (See my entry here)

Photos by Jeman of OrangeTV Magazine

My new Dynamica has now become my favorite cleaning companion. House cleaning has become such a pleasant experience that I actually look forward to vacuuming the entire house every day. The cord is long enough making it possible for me to transfer from one room to another with ease. Not only that, I also use it in cleaning the car. Even if I use it regularly I don’t have to clean it often because it has a one-litre dust container. One simple click is all takes to clear the dust container and to clean the brush. Maintenance will be the least of my worries.

I have been raving about this amazing product that I have allowed my mom and my brother to borrow it so that they can see for themselves just how efficient it can be. And do they love using it as much as I do? You bet they do! They have even used it several times since then and are now thinking about purchasing their own Dynamica. (Actually, di pa rin binabalik sakin.. LOL)

The new Electrolux Dynamica has definitely changed the way I deal with daily house cleaning. Sweeping the floor over and over again with the use of a walis tambo is now a thing of the past. I can now clean the entire house and even our car more efficiently and with less effort. I’m sure that those who have tried this incredible product will agree with me.

Electrolux Dynamica Vacuum Demo

Check out www.facebook.com/thelittlewhitebook for more info, or www.electrolux.com.ph

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  1. We used to have Electrolux vacuum cleaner in the 90’s, the old model of course. We never thought of buying a new once since then. Now I might consider buying this new model of Electrolux Dynamica.

    Congratulations for winning the grand prize!

  2. Congrats Iris! I would love to have one too especially that we live by the street where cars and all types of transportation (except the MRT, of course) pass by that everyday is a dusty world.

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