Club Manila East: Our unfortunate experience with CME


Last April 19, bloggers were invited to attend the soft launch of Zip Line at the Club Manila East (CME) Resort at Rizal. As one of the lucky bloggers, I, too, was privileged to witness the momentous event and since invited bloggers were allowed to bring at most two companions, I tagged my brother and my cousin along. Anyway, we were granted a one day free complimentary stay at the resort and we really enjoyed the day as we dive, surf and fly. It was really a fun and memorable day plus we are thankful to the CME for giving us the opportunity to experience that one of a kind event.

My cousin, Roel, had a great time taking pictures and videos of the said event, even though he is not a blogger, he loves to do so, then edit and upload them either on Youtube or in his Facebook account. So, after the event, Roel, together with his sister, Trixie, edited the video he took during the event then uploaded it to Youtube.

Original video which has been made prior to the contest

As for me, I uploaded and posted the video in my Facebook account where the Marketing Consultant of CME, saw it and suggested that we join the CME’s Online Video Contest as she found the video to be “amazing”.

We decided to follow her suggestion since according to the mechanics of the contest “anyone can join”. So, both Roel and Trixie once again edited it to make a one-minute video entry for the mentioned online video contest, we then submitted our entry.

1-minute video entry for Summer High with CME Fly contest

But wait! The story does not just end there.

Here’s the interesting, frustrating and annoying part of the story: After the deadline, Roel, who submitted the entry, received a private message via Facebook from a representative of CME, saying that “Bloggers are NOT allowed to join the Video Contest”. Out of curiosity, Roel asked why his entry was invalid because in the first place he’s not a blogger and the fact that the mechanics clearly stated that “anyone can join”.

CME Mechanics posted last April 21

Mechanics posted at CME Facebook account

My cousin also added that CME grabbed and posted his personal video (the first video he and her sister made) on their account and used it as CME’s promotional video without even consulting him or asking permission from him or his sister. He also told the CME representative that even a simple credit will do but to his dismay, a CME representative pointed out that since the CME gave us a free entrance to the resort, which we really appreciate, the video can be AUTOMATICALLY grabbed.

Is that so? Are they familiar with the word “RESPECT”? Besides, it was not stated in the contract, or we were not informed earlier that pictures or videos personally taken by the bloggers and/or their companions during the event and uploaded online can be AUTOMATICALLY grabbed by CME.

We also suspected that the Roel’s video was not allowed to join the contest maybe because it was taken from the original video that the CME posted on their Facebook account wall and used as promotional video.

(My cousin’s video was posted on CME’s Facebook page on April 25, but it was removed on May 5)

In addition, what also pissed us off was the fact that we exerted our time, effort and expertise to make that video for the entry and then, they’ll just simply send us a message that “Bloggers are NOT allowed to join the Video Contest” without even bothering to explain why?! Is this proper?! Common sense tells us that we should be receiving valid explanation from the management.

CME representative mentioned that she talked to their VP and that they decided to consider the entry, my cousin told her to remove his entry to give chance to others. No, we’re not after the prize, that’s what we emphasized to our message to CME representative. We just like to receive official statement from the CME’s management, especially regarding the statement of CME representative that “…it can AUTOMATICALLY be grabbed”. And we also would like to know if the “CME representative” is the authorized person to talk to us regarding this issue, so we asked for an explanation from their officials and even gave them a week to issue their official statement regarding the matter.

I sent more than 2 emails (May 3, May 5) and text messages to their Marketing Consultant and we were advised that my emails were sent to the CME Management. But we never heard from them even until now (it’s been 2 weeks already since we asked for explanation).

Now, what do you think we need to do to resolve this issue? We don’t need a public apology. We don’t need financial compensation. We don’t need fame. A simple call will do.. An explanation and/or assurance that this will not happen again to anyone.  Or just acknowledge the issue.

Though the CME representative sent her apologies already, we just simply need to receive a valid explanation/clarification from CME Management about CME representative’s statement regarding the video that “…it can AUTOMATICALLY be grabbed” and how the CME representative talked to my cousin (see the full conversation below). Furthermore, we also would like to know if the CME representative is the right or the authorized person to talk to us.

So, if you can read this, CME Management, we will be waiting.

Anyway, here are some Points for Improvement Club Manila East may consider

1. Always, Always, Always credit your source. If you use video clips, photos or anything else that belongs to someone, other than yourself, ask permission and credit.

2. If you’re having a promo/contest, make sure it has a clear set of rules/mechanics.

3. Customer Service

  • Good customer service is an integral part of any business or organization. Any profession that requires interaction with the public needs to exercise effective customer service skills in order to gain and retain customers.
  • Make sure employees know and use your customer service policy (if you have one)
  • Always be polite to your customers. Use the words your welcome, please, and thank you. Be polite to your customers even if they are being irate with you. Always apologize to your customers should you make a mistake. Admit your mistakes quickly and make it up to them in a big way.
  • Have an authorized person to handle customer-service problems/inquiries. Make sure to perform appropriate follow-up as needed.

I made this post not to personally attack the CME representative or for me to be popular or just to make gossips. Hindi ko intention sirain ang pangalan ng sino man. I’ve thought about all this before writing it down. Like I’ve said to my friend “hindi naman to para sakin. concern lng ako sa mga customers nila. hindi nmn ako magbebenefit kung improve nila customer relations nila, sila rin naman makikinabang nun.. kasi aanhin naman kasi ang ganda ng lugar nila kung ganun nila i-treat ang customer nila.”

Anyway, I’m from Cainta Rizal, a neighboring town of Taytay Rizal where Club Manila East is located, and as much as possible I want to help Club Manila East grow/improve their business because we, Rizalenos, will benefit in some way.

I really do hope CME management will consider these feedbacks, I know that constructive feedback always yields the best results!

Update January 2012: We haven’t heard from their management! They just simply ignore our concern. We are just disappointed on how their treat us! It’s not really our lost, anyway!  I rest my case!

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  1. It’s like saying because you got invited to the event all your photos are automatically theirs… whats yours is mine ba… eh di naman pwede yun. Or kung gusto nila ganun dapat in writing at may consent.

  2. If there’s no written agreement of them having exclusive rights to photos or videos you take inside their resort, it’s not acceptable that they won’t even credit the one who made it.

    Also, they have to work on their customer service representatives. Realyn’s responses are disrespectful and unprofessional. There’s no excuse, no matter how busy you are, when you are representing a company such as Club Manila East, you should be wary with how you speak to current and future customers.

    I hope this would hasten their response or action towards this issue.

  3. It seems Club Manila East needs to INVEST in personnel development sessions, not only in how to deal with customers, but also regarding copyright issues. And why shouldn’t you ask compensation for the video they used? You guys spent time to make it; it’s your expertise. Besides, they have a budget for promotional materials. Kapal ng mukha to use without permission. Too many people think that any creative work –whether writing or videos– can just be used by anybody. Hopefully they will learn their lesson. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Awts! so far sa pagkaka intindi ko sa mga ganyan, dapat umpisa pa lang kasama yon sa invitation nila, kunyari “as part of the privilege chorva, the company will be given sole rights to videos and other form of footage for advertisement purposes blah blah”

    saka yung line na “because as of yesterday pa lan nagstart ang contest binago na ang mechanics” would mean na may nagbago ng isip after the contest was launched, kase may iba silang gustong mangyari, pero ang alam ko sa mga contests magbabago lang ang mechanics kung ito ay indicated sa rules or kung may nangdaya sa contest. kase parang ang nangyari sa inyo, ganito: “ay teka wag ka na lang kasali kase bati mo si sally eh.” parang ganon.

    i hope they get in touch with you soon, even if it’s a publicity to them, it’s still not a good picture of their business.

    hope you feel fine now.

  5. Rowena, parang ganun n nga gusto nilang sabihin. Kung may agreement naman in the first place, wala namang problema samin. The video was uploaded April 25 pa, but wala naman silang narinig samin until they sent us a message regarding the video entry and when Rea told my cousin na since they invited us they can AUTOMATICALLY grabbed the video. take note it was downloaded from my cousin’s youtube account. and their reason baka daw kasi naexcite lang daw sila kaya dinownload nila. Kung naexcite sila, they can play it in youtube kahiot paulit ulit pa

  6. Hi Mhel, their excuse is may URL naman daw sa dulo ng video. Pero ang main issue na kasi ung treatment ng representative ng CME sa cousin ko. kaya i posted the printscreen of the conversation para maintindihan nyo nangyari.

  7. Ang cheap ng Club manila east. This is a clear violation of your Intellectual Property Rights. Kung ako sa inyo, papadalhan ko sila ng demanda.

  8. Hi Dennison, I have nothing against Realyn personally. kaya nga I decided not to reveal her full name. I just want CME to do something about their customer service. I know napagutusan lang sya but she could use more polite words para walang naooffend. Or better if CME will get a person who will handle customer concerns, hindi ung since “friend” sya ng cousin ko sa facebook, sya na ung makikipagcommunicate samin.

  9. How sad! When I was invited the Sunday before, I had a very nice exchange of words and invitation with a marketing agent of CME, Camille. Unlike yours, Camille was very nice and accommodating. Medyo pabalang ang pagsalita niya, kaya I get kung bakit kayo naoffend. siguro if i were in your position i’d be offended din. Sana makita ito ng CME para magawan ng paraan. Unprofessional ang dating ng kausap niyo, no matter what kahit pinakiusapan lang siyang kausapin kayo, hindi dapat ganun na parang friend lang. Hindi pa niya naisip na blogger pa yung kausap niya.

  10. Hi Brenna,

    I think we’ve met nung Sunday during the surfing competition. Anyway, wala din akong problem with Jhe (marketing consultant). Nagkaron lang ng problem after magsend ng entry ung cousin ko sa CME FLY video contest.

    Siguro nga ung message was not meant para maoffend kami. wrong choice of words i guess? pero I hope di na to mangyari sa iba. I really hope CME will do something about it. i’m not asking na tanggalin si Realyn sa trabaho. pero sana they can improve their customer relations, mapa-blogger man or hindi. =)

  11. Ay! Oo nga! Lols, sorry, really bad with names. Kahit kasi di ako blogger, I think maooffend din ako. I think baka nabigla lang siya or narattle kaya ganun yung labas ng words niya, which is why she tried to make amends agad. Good relations with customers is good marketing.

  12. i think cme can learn a thing or two about good customer service + public relation. correspondences with you cousin are really done in good taste, plus they ought to learn about simply courtesies, too! hopefully, they reply to this post + give you an official apology. blogger or not every customer should be treated with utmost respect.

  13. This is crazy! I hope CME shapes up. It is a total turn off, to say the least.

    Even if you have the nicest of facilities but you suck at customer service, even in something so simple as to how to go about a contest, people will know sooner and later. Word can get around. And it’s not as if you cannot afford to pay for the accommodation yourself! Nakakaloka!

  14. magulo at discriminating ang mechanics nila at sila mismo magulo at walang ethics. tama si BloggerManila, kailangan nila mag-aral ng IP Law at Copyright Infringement. saka bakit ayaw aksyonan ng management?

  15. We love CME kaya I felt bad that this happened to you and your cousins. Dapat pala in-invite ko sila sa Intellectual Property Rights seminar last month. Hindi rin maganda na baguhin ang mechanics sa last minute w/o informing the contestants. :(((

  16. di man sakin nangyari to–I still see it as an assault and insult to us bloggers. they should know better. right move Iris–to be fair, you tried to settle things and talk to them properly but since matigas sila at mukhang di sanay makipag-usap ng maayus yang representative nila, tama lang yan. you have my support on this one!!!!

  17. It was a bad move that they allowed Realyn have a conversation with you. Is she even in the position to represent CME? Even if she was busy at a time, that doesn’t mean that she can be rude and unprofessional to you and your cousin. Sana maayos nila yang management nila.

  18. ‘Hi, Miss Iris..

    Bakit po umabot pa sa ganito? Nagsorry na po ko sa inyo at kay Roel many times, Again “SORRY” besides It’s between me and Roel po yun PRIVATE Conversation. Then it was posted here. Di po ba panghihimasok na yun? 🙁
    Kaya nga po sa inbox ko siya kinausap para private at di na makalabas pa ng ganito. . .
    Again, Sorry for the wrong used of words. But I hope and I pray di na po sana umabot sa ganito.
    Nagchat pa nga po tayo sabi niyo po ok na then you said: “sabi ko nga sayo kung iba yan, nkablogg n un”
    Sabi niyo pa na ayaw niyo ng gulo, mas lalong ayoko po and plese wag niyo pong sirain ang pangalan ko.

    Thanks and GOD Bless…

  19. Hi Real,

    First and foremost, I didn’t mention your full name. Binura ko pa nga ung picture mo at apelyido mo sa print screen kasi nga ayaw kong sirain ka. At hindi un ang intention ko.

    Second, I told you na okay na ako, but I also said it will depend on my cousin’s decision since sya ung direct mong naoffend.

    Third, sinabi ko sayo mismo na maghihintay kami ng explanation from your management. Pero wala naman kaming narinig.

    OO I told you na kung sa iba yun, nkablog na agad yun without trying settle things privately. Pero wala naman kaming narinig from your management. What can you expect? Ganun na lang.

    Kasi Real, even nkaPRIVATE CONVERSATION pa kayo ni kuya Roel, the fact na nagsasalita ka for the CME Management, ibang usapan na yan. Parang sinabi mo na ring pag sa private message pwde mo kaming murahin???

    Like I’ve said hindi kita pinepersonal, I post this para macaught ang attention ng CME Management na dinedma kami at ang issue with their customer relations.

    Ulit ulitin ko this post is NOT ABOUT YOU. THIS IS FOR THE CME MANAGEMENT!

  20. Real,

    Isa pa pala. You’re asking me bakit umabot sa ganito? why don’t you ask your management? I still have a copy of our conversation, kahit sayo sinabi kong maghihintay kami ng explanation from them. Pero wala kaming narinig. I even gave my cousin’s number to Jhe pero wala naman nag attempt na kausapin kami.

    Uulitin ko ulit, hindi ka namin pinepersonal, dahil alam naming nagpag utusan ka lang din naman. ang question namin for the CME MANAGEMENT, bakit ikaw ang nautusan? Wala b kayong customer relations representative. then gusto lang din namin malaman what’s their plan to improve their customer relations para d na maulit ang ganitong pangyayari.

  21. @Real–di sa nakikisawsaw pero I was also invited sa CME surfing cup last time and magkasama kami ni Iris don—I knew about this incident nung namention ni Iris and na explain ng mabuti sakin—and with this blog entry—talaga namang nadiscuss ng husto at maiintindihan ng mga readers kung anu talaga nangyari. enough time was given to you but you wasted it. I guess you have a lot to learn about DAMAGE CONTROL pero withy the looks of it para mo pa atang pinalala. and now that its out —people would definitely know about it and bloggers will not be happy about this for sure.

  22. Here’s my two cents after reading the whole story:

    CME really owes an apology and EXPLANATION to the author of this post and to whoever involves in here. Bloggers are people, customers and guests regardless if they were given a day pass to any events such as this.

    At eto pa, nakakagigil ka lalo REALYN. Di mo ba nakukuha yung gusto nila sabihin? Sumasagot ka pa ng baluktot. LOL

    *** Some parts of the comment are deleted by the admin.

  23. This is so disappointing. For a good and happy place like CME, ang mga tao nila magulo kausap at hindi marunong makipag-kapwa tao.

    The fact na nagbabago sila ng mechanics in the middle of the contest duration shows how disorganize the company is. Nakakaawa lang ang mga tao sasali sa mga pakulo nila.

  24. Hmmm, they do need to remind their employees about fairness, akala nila equal trade of

    Bloggers & Friends pass = rights to video pictures etc

    kulang na lang ang kapalit ng pass ay ang buhay mo.
    Also very unethical sa pagsagot sa email and chat. Wala bang ethics subject sila nung college?
    Sana CME will do a justified action on this or it will leave a bad image sa kanila.

  25. It’s just right to share issues like this so that bloggers will be informed and the management can do something about it as well. If you’re a blogger and you’re invited for the event, they should RESPECT you. So rude of them to insinuate – your entrance is free, so we’re free to tag/grab videos. Pero practice ko, if nainvite ako and I wrote something about the event, ako mismo yung nagtatag sa organizer or company. But on your case, iba eh. Sana maayos nila to.

  26. haha ito na! at sumagot pa talaga yong girl. hindi talaga ethical ang resolution. and up until now, CME did not do a thing. that is a bad sign.

  27. CME really has to improve a lot with their customer relations – personal interaction with clients, phone conversations and web messaging. I was there last May 8, 2011, sorry to say but their front liners are not accommodating. Days before that, I inquired several times over the phone, and I guess the phone operators have to be re-oriented again with what CME is and what they are offering.

    I have been in this place many times since they started, and I always go back because they really have nice amenities to offer plus the fact that it is near my place. I am amazed with their wave pools (beach and ocean wave pools), and now with their zip line.

    Club Manila East has improved a lot since they have started, I hope CME management and employees will also continuously improve. Concerns have to be answered and not neglected nor disregarded.

  28. if i post in my fb page this link, how long do you think before my friends start posting it in theirs? And their friends? And their friends? Something is telling me that someone needs to act fast. Hmmmm

  29. @Phil.. how can you say that bloggers are gossipers? because a lot of bloggers commented on this issue? well it seems that you don’t understand the whole story. it doe snot only involve Iris and her cousin but the whole blogosphere because clearly, CME stepped on a blogger’s right when they claimed that since the blogger is given a day pass on the resort, they have the right to grab their video automatically..

    @Real I wonder, are the spokesperson of CME? why are you the one communicating with these people? I think the management should clear this and if ever you really are the official spokesperson of CME, they have so much that needs to be improved.

  30. Wala na ngang paalam and due credit, ganun pa ang paraan ng replies sa messages. Medyo bastos!

    Ang tawag diyan – walang delikadeza at kapalmuks! User-friendly ha! HOY, GISING!!!! Wala kayong etits! este… ethics! Grabe, super, over!

  31. That girl — Real, doesnt have a clue of what customer service means. Shes’s not polite at all. I find her arrogant. If she just handled the situation well and apologize for her mistake maybe things would not turn out this way. It’s all her fault.

    I do hope that CME would act fast and air their side.

  32. Miss Iris,

    Para matapos na po ito,
    “Magreresign na po ko, kung ayun ang ikagagaan ng loob niyong lahat.”

    Thanks for telling your feelings and your cousin Roel.

    Sa lahat ng nagcomment, Thanks sa mga pananaw niyo.


  33. Real,

    di mo talaga maintindihan gusto naming sabihin. hindi ang PAGRERESIGN ang solution sa problemang to. kung hindi makita ng CME management ang problema nila sa customer service/relations, kahit mag resign ka, hindi matatapos tong problemang to.

  34. Ay naku report them to DTI and the Intellectual Propertu Rights office. Don’t give yourself unneccessary angst. Let the government do it. They are plainly bastos and unprofessional. ibig sabihin kelangan kayo gumawa ng video dahil may complimentary stub kayo? E yung mga hindi gumawa ng video? Are they going to ask something from them in returen? Do they know what complimentary means?

  35. Oh well, kung ang pananaw mo Real ay malabo, I guess you should resign. But if you will resign, please don’t say that because this happened eh kasalanan na ito at ikakatuwa na ng nagblog. Kapag nagresign ka, do you think matatapos na ang issue na ito? Of course not! Kase ilang beses na ba sinabe sayo na hindi ikaw ang centro ng usapan dito. Please do read the post and the comments over and over again hanggang magsink in at you finally understand, baka sakaling luminaw din ang pananaw mo..

    My family and some relatives from abroad are supposed to go to CME end of May. Because of this issue, I’m already looking for another place.

    If CME will not clear this, they may lose a lot more customers like me. What happened to damage control?

  36. Dear Miss Real, you failed to get the point. Your resignation has nothing to do with the issue. This is not about you. This is about the company (i.e. Club Manila East), how it failed to give crystal clear mechanics upon promoting a contest, and how the company fails to respect intellectual property rights.

  37. jusko Real wake up!!! this is not about YOU! wag naman masyadong feeling ha..

    hindi ikaw ang sentro ng usapan dito but the way CME is reacting to the whole issue.. from the video that was grabbed automatically to the their non existing apology to the people affected..

    ano bang problema sa CME? respeto.. matuto kayo mag respeto.. siguro maiintindihan nyo lang ang lahat ng ito pag unti unti nawala ang mga clients nyo…

    Miss Real for the last time, are you AUTHORIZED to speak for CME? if not stop talking..

  38. GUYS eto nalang…CME has a pending case in court, Court of Appeals yata.. apparently they owe the government taxes and they adamantly refuse to pay…dun palang alam na naten kung anung klaseng kompanya sila..walang sense of corporate responsibility..may pambayad sa magagaling na abogado pero para sa taxes na makakatulong sa kaban nang bayan ayaw makihati…tsk tsk tsk

  39. i agree, realyn resigning will not solve the problem…. but i’m sure i cant hurt. in fact, if realyn resigns… that would be a really good move on her part.

  40. Rea, it seem that you dont’t understand whts goin on, what is the issue, u don;t need to resign if you handle this issue in right disposition, you don’t know the word respect, if you post something that u don’t own, ask permission to the owner..hindi lahat gusto makita ang picture at video nila, sumali lang sila, dahil u invited them to join..and then u didnt ask them that u will use their video and at the same tym u will disqualify them,,tama ba un, at mag seminar ka rin ng good relations to customer, to promote help ur company..yan ang magiging aral mo sa buhay..respect..good manners na pinag aaralan elementary days pa..

  41. @Rea nothing will be solved kapag nag-resign ka. Like what the blog poster said, this is not a personal attack to you. If you read and understood the blog post you should know that all they ask is an explanation why certain things happen. If you feel that you really did something wrong then own your mistakes and tell your bosses that you made a mistake. If it’s true that you are only following orders from your boss then CME should be professional about this issue, contact whom they offended, explain and apologize.

  42. Rea saying that she will resign means she is admitting that she messed up with the public relation. My guess is–she acted mostly without the knowledge of her boss. Too bad she was not able to quell the fire before it became too big to distinguish. I hope you realize now how conter-productive your actions were. For a place like CME which is trying hard to compete with many attractions around town, you should realize that you cant afford bad publicity like this lalo pa kung kagagawan ng incompetent na employees–yes, I see this as incompetence in public and customer relations. wake up CME. I live in Binangonan and now–I would rather spend my buck in SM Taytay rather than go to CME. ouch!!!!

    btw: shouted this in my fb wall—–
    and twitting it too, now na!!!!l:D

    I encourage other bloggers to do the same.

  43. we are all saying its not about Realyn… and itsd about CME.. i agree…. but for Chrissakes… Realyn, resign ka na lang.. you are not fit to be in a position where you will be speaking with people. pang sa malamig ka lang

  44. pusasng kalye — it is now in my facebook. if you believe in intellectual property rights… please post the link to this blog in your FB wall. Thanks

  45. pusang kalye — it is now in my facebook. @others — if you believe in intellectual property rights… please post the link to this blog in your FB wall. Thanks

  46. ‘Yes, I admit my faults and my Boss knows that. Besides hindi po ako nagpasali sa kanila nakalagay naman sa taas kung sino nag encourage sa kanila na sumali.

    I know nakaoffend raw po ako pero ipinaliwanag ko na po kay Miss Iris na hindi ko yun sinasadya na maramdaman ni Roel. Sabihin na nating nakaoffend nga ako pero yung sabihin na “bastos” that’s a foul word.

    Pati yung message about my resignation act, nagkamali lang ako ng pagsend, hindi ko na itutuloy yung pagsend nun dito kaso napost rin pala.

    Ang Diyos nga marunong magpatawad, Tao pa kaya?

    Besides, It’s between Me and Roel po, Tapos iba ang umaksiyon? Sabihin na po natin na magpinsan kayo pero it’s only between me and your Cousin lan po, Then ngayon may iba pang nagcomment about me na hindi naman ako kilala at di ko rin po sila kilala.

    At kung bastos po pati ko, di sana nagmura po ko? or minura ko kayo? Sorry for the term. Pero I’m not that kind of person..

    Kung ano pong gusto niyong isipin about sakin, GO lang po. Wala naman po lahat sakin yung masasakit na salitang inaatang niyo, Diyos na po bahala sa lahat.


  47. Ay naku realyn, bakit ka mag reresign, dapat kinonsulta mo muna boss mo sa mga pinag gagawa mo..sinolve mo problem na ikaw mag isa eh d mo naman naiintindihan ang problem, na kasakit ka pa ng damdamin ng iba,at ng iba pang nakabasa ng ginawa mo, na future customer neo dyan sa CME..madadala na mga invited neo dyan, na para bang lahat ng gawin nyo ok lang kase nilibre nyo sila..biglang bawi sa magandang ginawa neo,,sana marunong kaung mag paalam, nag invite kau na sumali, nung maganda entry ginamit nyong, promotional video at the same tym dinisqualify nyo ung tao, na nag effort gumawa at sumali sa inyo.. tama ba un, eh kung sa u gawin un..matutuwa ka ba? paki sagot realyn..

  48. Good luck sa u realyn, sana magka work ka agad pag nag resign ka sa CME, at sana d mo na ulitin ung mga ginawa mo na offensive to others, mga experiences na makakatulong sa iyo kung naiintindihan mo lang, Be good to others, Do not do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you..

  49. Realyn, iha. You’re still not getting the point no? Quit reacting because it’s not doing YOU and CME any good.

    Someone from the upper management or your superior should reply to this issue, NOT YOU. Sinasaktan mo lang sarili mo, wag masukista ha, ineng? In the first place your bosses should have trained you first before allowing you to reply to customers’ concerns – parang binitawan ka lang sa dagat kahit di ka naman marunong lumangoy o sumisid.

  50. Hi Real,

    Pasensiya, pero hindi naman na talaga lang ito tungkol sa’yo, Real. Nangyari lang na involve ka sa mga pangyayari, nag private message ka, nag salita ka para sa CME. CME matters yung pinagusapan, which I don’t know kung ikaw ba dapat ang nakipag-usap at magsabi sa amin nung bagong ruling ng CME.

    Pero para sa akin maaring pagkakamali ng CME na ikaw ang naatasan na magsabi nun sa amin, dahil sa tingin ko hindi ka angkop para gampanan yun bagay na yun para sa CME.

    Obviously hindi lang para sa akin yung message mo kasi unang una, yung video na pinasa ko eh hindi lang naman isang tao ang involve para magawa yun. So tama lang na ipaalam ko sa kanila yung sinabi mo.

    Realyn, wala naman may galit sayo dito. We already accepted your apologies. Pero hindi man natin lahat kagustuhan, ginawa lang ito para maging aware ang CME and to remind them (CME) na kelangan nila mag improve sa COSTUMER SERVICE / RELATIONS at hindi para sirain ka.

    In the first place hindi mo naman kelangan mag react sa blog na ito, Dahil malinaw naman sa mga nagbabasa nito na hindi ito tungkol sa’yo. At kung nabaling man sayo ang mga comments ay dahil sa nag react ka.

  51. @ Real: less talk, less mistakes…it only shows how naive you are. Anyway, one tip…STOP POSTING YOUR COMMENTS! It would just do you more harm. You said your piece, you’ve apologized and that’s it.

    Next step is, talk to your boss at CME and tell them about this. I’m pretty sure thay have no idea yet about this issue, either you are trying to cover it up, that’s why they have not replied and reacted or CME doesn’t know anything about Customer Service and they don’t care at all.

    Simple di ba. Trust me….don’t resign. Just tell your boss the truth…and the truth shall set you free.

  52. Hi Rea,

    Nung nagkausap tyo bago pa lumabas tong blog post na to, sinabi ko sayong ok na tyo. At tinatanggap ko ang sorry mo. Pero sinabi ko sayo na depende pa rin sa pinsan ko dahil sya ang directly naoffend sa issueng to. At binanggit ko din sayo na maghihintay kami sa sagot ng CME management, pero wala kaming narinig. Diba sinabi ko p sayo at sinabi ko din sa Marketing consultant na kung gusto nyo magharap harap na lang para mapag usapan ng maayos to. Pero wala pa rin kaming narinig. Hindi naman kami huminingi ng compensation or vip treatment, gusto lang namin malaman bakit humatong sa ganito. At ano ang plano ng CME para maayos to at maiwasang maulit pa ito. Yun lang. Simple lang dba?

    Kung iniisip mong nanghihimasok ako sa issue nyo ng pinsan ko, eto lang masasabi ko. Hindi maiinvolve ang pinsan ko sa gulong ito kung di ko sya ininvite sumama para itry ang zip line ng CME. Gusto nyang ipaalam sa management ung nangyari, kaya kinontak nya ako at kinontak ko naman ang marketing consultant ng CME. Obvious namang nakarating na ung message namin sa management nyo dahil nkapagmessage ka na sakin at aware k n sa mga sinabi ko.

    Simple lang naman kasi dapat to. Kahit sino naman o kahit kanino mangyari to, pareho lang ang gagawin. Nagtanong lang ang pinsan ko bakit di sya pwdeng sumali. Maiintindihan naman namin kung sa una pa lang sinabi nyo ng hindi kami pwdeng sumali kasi nga nainvite kami para itry ung zipline for free. Kaso ung nag invite samin (marketing consultant ng CME) pa ang nagsabi samin na sumali kami. Di ba magulo? Kaya ang iniisip ng pinsan ko, bka kaya d sya pwdeng sumali kasi nagamit na ng CME ang video nya for marketing/promotional purposes. Kung sayo ba nangyari to, hindi ka magtataka bakit di ka pwdeng sumali?

    Kung nasagot ng maayos at professionally ang tanong, tapos n agad sana ang usapan. Hindi na aabot pa sa ganito.

    Kung may nasabi man ako o ang iba na nkakasakit, humihingi ako ng pasensya, pero paulit ulit kong sasabihin sayo, ang blog post ko ay hindi para sirain pangalan mo o ang CME.

  53. Miss Iris,

    Naiintindihan ko po, ang point ko po may mga taong humuhusga sa pagkatao ko at hindi ko po sila kilala ayun lang.

    Ok naman po tayo, ayoko lang nung mga masakit na salitang sinasabi ng ibang taong nagkokoment dito kaya ako nagsasalita pa na medyo pasakal nang mga salita.
    Kakausapin ko nalang po ulit ang management regarding this issue.

    “Nakaoffend ako, Oo pero huwag po kayo maghusga masyado s\dahil hindi kayo sangkot.”


  54. ‘I’m not resigning po, hindi ko po dapat isesend yung about sa “Resign” anyways Thanks for the advice It helped me a lot.
    Nakikipag-usap po ko sa Boss ko and I’m not covering it.

    Mr. Roel..Sorry again for offending you and the others.

    Miss Iris..Thanks for telling us about this issue, and plese pm me your number and Roel’s number par mabigay ko po sa management to contact you.



    *this is my last Message for this blog. =,)

  55. Real I am sure you are super stress and problematic on what’s happening. Don’t worry, this will pass. Im pretty sure that you will learn a lot from this experience. Darating din ang araw na you will look back and matatawa ka na lang sa mga pagkakamali mo. I do hope that this will serve as a lesson to you in dealing with people, specially in customer relations.

    Piece of advise and this will come in handy …. pag di ka sigurado sa sasabihin mo, always remember ” Less talk, Less mistake.”

    Goodluck to you.

  56. Hi Real,

    Your marketing consultants know our contact numbers, but I’ll still email them to you.

    Nalulungkot lang ako dahil hinayaan ng management na umabot sa ganito. Pwede sanang maiwasan kung nakipagusap samin ang management nung panahong nakikipag communicate kami sa marketing consultant.

    anyway, im closing/moderating the comment section of this blog. Comments that contain vulgar or abusive language, personal attacks, or offensive terms will not be approved. para d na lumaki ang issue. I really hope maayos na to.

  57. I think Big Mistake ang ginawa ng CME na i-grab yung video and use it for promotion ng walang paalam. Kung titignan natin ang ibang company nga willing na magbayad ng huge amount magkaroon lang ng promotional video. They just show no respect ganun na lang po ba ang tingin nyo sa mga blogger ha CME. Eh sino pa pong blogger ang aattend sa invitation nyo kung ganyan lang ang gagawin nyo sa kanila. Peace.

  58. Meron palang marketing consultants ang CME sana nag consult muna sila dun bago nila ginamit yung video. Tignan mo nangyari this post received 225 facebook likes and 6 tweets soon every bloggers in PH will know about this that’s bad po di ba para sa marketing side ng CME. Although meron din po pala good side kasi nalaman natin na meron na po pala silang zipline.

  59. Hoping that everything has been settled. This has been a stressful event for all the people who got involved but surely, this has been a lesson to everyone too. =)

  60. I found your site through my friend Faye, since she re-posted my blogpost about our very unfortunate experience with CME. CME’s security sucks big time 🙁 Here’s the full story of what happened to us there (our camera and iphone were stolen inside a locked hotel room)…

  61. I tried to access their home page. Got an error message saying I am not authorized to view their page. So I tried the other google hits and all I saw were bad comments.

    I am NOT EVER EVER EVER going to that place!

    They are pathetic!


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