Things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV


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Aside from Smart Hub, Search All, Your Video, Samsung Apps, another Samsung Smart TV feature is the Web Browser. Samsung Smart TV allows consumers to expand their TV entertainment experience by allowing the user to surf the net right from his TV.

Samsung Smart TV also supports Picture in Picture (PiP). It means one program (channel) is displayed on the full TV screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Users can watch his favorite show while surfing the net.

So here are some of the things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV using the Web Browser:

  • Blog
  • Check my emails
  • Update my Facebook
  • Update Plurk
  • Update Twitter
  • Follow celebrities on Twitter
  • Hone my cooking skills by searching for recipes online
  • Get 50-90% Discounts through Group Buying websites
  • Get help from a Tech Support Online for Free
  • Learn new things using How-to-do video tutorials
  • Read news
  • Watch videos on Youtube

*** This list will be updated

*** This is part of the series of blog posts on The Things That I Can Do With The Samsung Smart TV

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  1. What an impressive way to visualize your love to owning the Samsung TV!

    If only I have the money, I’d definitely go for this multi-functional TV without hesitation.

  2. ahihi, you’re an effective product endorser 🙂 i was not aware that a tv can have those functions. for sure it is costly 🙁

  3. If this was released earlier, I would have summoned all my convincing powers so that hubby will buy this instead of the LCD TVs we bought last December.

  4. Hi Joy, thanks for the compliment.

    Web browsing is just one of the features of Samsung Smart TV… So visit my blog from time to time, I’ll be posting more soon…

  5. i used to have samsung corby, sadly, it was stolen. i’m planning to buy a new Samsung unit, and I would definitely get this Samsung Smart TV…it’s a smart choice, i bet.

  6. I love how you made the comics! So innovative! Did you draw the illustration? I think the PiP feature would have worked with us when we are still younger and living in my parents home. With 5 siblings to battle with what TV show to watch, we tend to overuse our remote because of switching from one channel to another during commercials.

  7. creative juices you got there! wow!

    good to learn they introduced the Smart TV in Pinas. i’m also excited as well – particularly the social aspect of it. although the lack of Bluetooth is one setback – i hope they could integrate it as well.

    if you may, please check my initial review on my blog too (linked)

  8. Wow Smart TV is simply amazing. I would love to have it on my birthday. But for sure this is pricey. Anyway, I’ll save for this one.

    The presentation of this blog is really nice and very creative. =)

  9. wow, this is probably a blogger’s dream tv, imagine blogging whilst my son is watching his favorite cartoon? heaven! give me one mommy iris, now na..hehe :))

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