Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday happy birthday to me!!!


Yes, today is my birthday and I am already 29 years old!!! Weee!

Just to let you know your dear blogger now accepts birthday greetings and kind wishes. =) Also, if you have time, please comment on my blog post on Electrolux Doom of the Broom. =)

I appreciate all of your comments, good wishes and prayers!! I love you, dear readers, friends and family!

Thank you one more time and Happy Birthday to me again and also to my brother! Happy birthday bro!

Mommy Iris

I'm a lifestyle and mommy blogger from the Philippines. Pinay Ads was created to share bits and pieces of my life and my family. I have a wide array of interests that include entertainment, movies, music, gadgets, traveling, food, baking, and more. So, I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy reading!


  1. Happy birthday sis… Enjoy your special day. Wishing you happiness, good health, and syempre pouring blessing — more opps and DA hehe..

    Buti nlang naka mobile ito, nasilip ko

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!…also to your brother…not twins eh?

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