Kris Aquino and her son James “Bimby” Aquino Yap are the newest endorsers of the number one spaghetti brand, White King Fiesta Spaghetti.

Last Thursday, March 17, Republic Flour Mill (RFM) Corporation, a leading food and beverage conglomerate, officially welcomed Kris and Bimby to the Fiesta family with a birthday celebration. (Bimby’s advanced celebration for his fourth birthday.)

It was a celebration attended by media, friends from RFM and children from Bahay Maria, the Bel-Air Makati-based orphanage.

Supported by the Concepcions and are now regular beneficiaries of the Fiesta family, these orphans were presented with gifts from Bimby as part of his birthday celebration.

Being the Commercial Princess of the Philippines, Kris Aquino is known in endorsing brands and products that she actually believed in; that’s why RFM choses Kris and Bimby to represent their Fiesta Spaghetti.

“Kris and Bimby are perfect new additions to our family,” shares Joey Concepcion, President & CEO, RFM Corporation. “Kris has always been one of the most credible faces behind any endorsement, especially when it comes to brands that involve her as a madiskarte mom. Kris is more than just a great endorser, she’s a wonderful mom.”

For Kris, White King Fiesta Spaghetti is firm, delicious and very affordable. A one-kilogram pack of Fiesta spaghetti only costs P69, but can serve up to 20 plates, making it suitable for sharing.

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