Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)


Here’s a funny video my husband found today: Trailer of the Angry Birds: The Movie.

Video Credit to YouTube uploader RoosterTeeth

When my husband showed this to me, I actually expected a real movie trailer. But it is actually an awesome trailer for a fake movie! It is really hilarious, I can’t stop myself from laughing. Take note: this is “From Visionary Director Michael Bay”. hahahahaha

Anyway, my husband and I must get back to work or else he will go back to his tech jobs. And when it happens, he’ll spend less time with me… =c

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  1. it’s actually directed by michael bay and roster teeth, this movie will be released on 2013.hahaha anyway, akala ko rin movie wow mali pa la.hehehe

  2. Hahaha my little girl loves playing Angry birds, now she’s obsessed with the RIO version. I hope it pushes through though, can’t wait to see what the storyline would be.

  3. my brother really likes this and has a collection of the angry birds characters. and he states at them all day because they are just beside his laptop! LOL

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