A Surprise Package from Oishi

The other day, we received a call from our security guard that we have a package from Oishi. Haven’t seen the package yet, I thought it was a small box with Smart C+ so I asked the guard to bring it up.  But the guard told me that he needs help. So I asked my husband to help him. After a few minutes, my husband knocked and I opened the door, my husband went inside with a big red Oishi paper bag.  I told myself, “Si Manong Guard, tamad lang pala umakyat, akala ko naman napakalaki ng package para magpatulong pa sya.”

Then, I was closing the door when I heard the guard’s voice saying, “Ma’am, meron pa po.”  The guard was carrying a big box. Yay! I waited for the guard to leave and I immediately opened the package! (Excited)

My eyes grew big with excitement when I opened the big red paper bag. It was full of Oishi products:  Pillows, Ridges, Bread Pan, Wafu, Marty’s Cracklin’ Vegetarian Chicharon (my favorite) and Baconette Strips.  The big box contains 24 bottles of assorted Smart C+ drinks (Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit).

Thank you Oishi
Thank you Oishi

Aside from Oishi products, the big red Oishi paper bag also contains a clip, wallet and a Boracay themed folder which reminds me of Oishi’s Tambayang Magiliw contest where one barkada can win a Boracay trip. To get more information about this contest, you can check Tambayang Magiliw’s official site: www.tambayangmagiliw.com.

Anyway, I would love to thank whoever sent these yummy treats, however, like other bloggers who received these packages, I have no idea who they came from.

Thanks Oishi!

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