Bannister Academy is looking for scholars

Bannister Academy is giving out a 4-year full financial scholarship to deserving high school students. One (1) boy and one (1) girl will be selected.

Who is qualified?

  • Anyone who is eligible for transfer to 1st or 2nd year high school*;
  • Demonstrates good moral character;
  • Has a strong drive to excel

*It is necessary to present supporting documents of eligibility

How many entries can be nominated?

  • You can nominate only one (1) entry.

What should the entry contain?
All entries should include the following:

  1. Your name and your relationship to the nominee
  2. Basic Information of the student:
    Full Name
    Date of birth (date-month-year)
  3. Contact details: Landline number, cellphone number and e-mail address
  4. A 300-word essay by the student, answering the question, “How can I change the world?”

Where should I send my entry?

  • All entries should be e-mailed to on or before March 9, 2011.

When will candidates be selected?

  • 10 finalists will be selected, 5 girls and 5 boys. The Names of finalists will be announced on March 11, 2011. They will be contacted personally and through their registered guardians.
  • All finalists have to take an entrance exam and interview on March 14. Winners will be awarded on March 19, during the Bannister Open House.

About Bannister Academy

Bannister Academy is situated within Circulo Verde, a new residential community being developed along Calle Industria in Quezon City. It’s one of the first buildings in the area, a state-of-the-art modernist structure. The subdivision was selected as an ideal learning environment that’s both safe and convenient for students and parents

John-D Borra, the school’s Headmaster, explains that Bannister gives parents three promises. “First, we focus on practical education,” he says. “We want students to become street-smart, to be kids who can, figuratively speaking, be dropped in Divisoria and not only find their way back home but are also able to make friends with the vendors. Second, through our mentoring program, we keep pace with the kids, and we can be as crazy and fun as they need us to be. Third, we encourage parents to be involved with their child’s education, to share the responsibility and help their child explore and develop their social intelligence.”

“Social intelligence involves the ability to use your knowledge and adjust your behavior to a situation to achieve a goal,” John-D says, adding that people with social intelligence become influencers, shapers, and builders of society. They can rally people around them to achieve a goal. It’s not necessarily the smartest people who are able to do this. It’s people who have the skill to analyze situations properly, understand the problem, and come up with solutions in order for as many as possible to benefit who are able to do great things.

“If there is one thing contemporary society has illustrated very clearly to us,” John says, “it is that ‘sharing’ is a good way of making a living. Just look at Facebook.”

To illustrate the value of sharing, Bannister is giving two deserving children the chance to a unique high-school experience through its scholarship program.

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