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In a cold and flu season like this, we need to start thinking of ways to boost your immune system.

Colds and flu are a common disease that can be inflicted to anyone who has a weak immune system. Weak immune system is probably caused by too much stress or other illnesses or through poor diet.

I really cannot stress how everybody should take care of his/her body by eating a nutritionally balanced diet to give it the best fighting chance at beating off viruses and illness.

So now is the time to start preparing our body to fight viruses and build up your immune system.

We have always heard that vitamin C is good for you and it is true. Vitamin C has many benefits for the body. It helps to build collagen, which is an important structural element in the walls of blood vessels, gums and bones. Vitamin C is a nutritional element that also helps to find and destroy potentially harmful fee radicals.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid; a cornerstone of healthy nutrition and what better way to get Vitamin C than through fresh squeezed juice. But recently I discovered Oishi’s Smart C+ fruit drink which has sufficient amount of Vitamin C.

Smart C+ is a natural juice drink that is high in vitamin C which enables the body to produce and maintain the collagen it needs to help our cells to recover from daily wear and tear. Unlike other fruit drink, Smart C+ drink is made with natural fruit juice with no added preservatives, no artificial coloring and no artificial sweeteners.

Smart C+ comes in three new and refreshing flavors—Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Each 500ml bottle contains 500mg of Vitamin C and is equivalent to a certain number of citrus fruits.

Smart C+ Lemon Squeeze’s vitamin C is equivalent to 11 medium-size whole fresh lemons, Orange Crush is to 8 whole fresh Valencia Oranges, while Pomelo Grapefruit is to 4 large-size whole fresh Grapefruit.

My favorite is Lemon Squeeze. It’s not too sweet and not too sour. It was perfect for my taste! Smart C+ fruit juice has such a better taste than other fruit drinks I’ve tasted, you would think that you just finished squeezing the lemon yourself.

Smart C+ is perfect  for parties, school, work and even late nights. Not only you will get the full wholesome benefits of vitamin C that your body needs, but also it refreshes your thirst.

For more information about Oishi’s Smart C+ visit or their Facebook page

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  1. wow, eto yung binibili ko sa mini stop ah. my fave flavor is the grapefruit + pomelo one. i love oishi na talaga, they’re very innovative when it comes to product development. 🙂

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