Workers nationwide go back to work, students go back to school, and politicians return to the scene after the long, happy but tiring holidays.

However, it’s so hard to get your sleeping pattern back to normal after the holidays.

So, here are some tips for unwinding after the holidays and getting back to a normal sleeping pattern.

  • Take a nice warm bubble bath before going to bed
  • Grab a cozy blanket, a cup of hot cocoa or tea, books and sit down and put your feet up.
  • Going to a gym or simple walking is a good relaxation technique.
  • Listen to a relaxing music before going to bed.
  • Force yourself to wake up earlier one day and you’ll fall asleep earlier that day.
  • Get lots of sunlight during the day
  • Exercise in the morning
  • Have a warm glass of milk or cup of chamomile tea before sleep
  • Don’t watch TV or use the computer for at least a half hour before sleep. Instead do something in a dim light.
  • Don’t go to sleep on an empty stomach
  • Make sure there is no noise, no light, smells fine and the room temperature is a cool and you are comfortable in bed.
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