Paris – If you have ever had any questions about how modern grand dames like to dress, and how informed movie stars prefer to be attired, then try to check out a haute couture collection by Elie Saab, the Lebanese couturier whose fashion vision is very much at the service of women.

Where quite a few Paris haute couture collections shown in Paris this last week of January will merely end up in editorial shoots, neither borrowed by movie stars nor acquired by clients, that is very much not the case at Saab. This couturier’s shows are packed with real clients.

And judging from this posh yet suggestive spring 2011 collection, one can fully understand why, for these rather dreamy clothes underlined that Saab’s first love is femininity.

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, the couturier opened his spring 2011 collection with a quartet of long lace dresses, embellished with sequins and embroidered with tulle flowers that were the epitome of ladylike elegance. At mid-point, Saab injected three sizzling strawberry chiffon cocktail dresses and evening gowns where the sleight-of-hand of the savvy draping had great poise.

“People often ask me what is my inspiration and I always think it’s the same thing, feminine beauty,” said Saab backstage.

His clothes were classy yet never stiff, and the flared shapes and vertical slits of many of his dresses did reveal a certain amount of thigh. The highlight was a dark section of midnight blue and black sequined dresses made with organza bands.

I wish I can wear something like these. I need some cheap diet pills now! hahaha

Anyway, Saab’s oeuvre is limited – all 42 looks were dresses in a show practically devoid of jackets. His clothes are not especially innovative and his style is defiantly classical. But what Saab does, he does with panache.

This collection was a timely reminder that sometimes fashion should have a very simply goal – making a woman look and feel special. These clothes will do precisely that.

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