Cashsense is a service-based payment processing company which embraces the advances made in technology within the financial sector to significantly improve cross and intra-border payment efficiencies.

As a Filipino company, Cashsense is acutely aware of the deficiencies inherent within the payments market, especially at home with regard to the lack of availability of credit cards – which remains persistently low at around 6%.

Whilst growth in online shopping, internationally, continues to grow year-on-year, domestic expansion continues to be hampered by the lack of uncomplicated payment options at home… until now.

Focusing exclusively on cash-based payments, Cashsense has developed a simple and inexpensive solution for online shoppers and merchants alike that unites the pervasiveness of the internet and online stores with the ubiquity of convenience stores and pawnshops in the Philippines.

Cashsense has made it easy for all online entrepreneurs to get paid, safely and quickly for the goods they wish to sell – and it needn’t cost them a penny, up front.

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