Cashsense: Guess What? Weekly Contest

Cashsense will be giving away weekly prizes (like Gift Certificates, perfume, eLoad and more) to participants who submit the right answer to Guess What.

Each day, Cashsense will post an additional clue. The answer may be difficult to guess on day one, but progressive clues will be easier. The first correct answer will win the first prize and so on. The answer will be revealed and the winners posted on the following Monday after that week.


  • Open to any contestant living in the Philippines, age 15 or over who is not employed by (or related to) a Cashsense employee.
  • Daily entries are restricted to 2 guesses/posts per day.
  • Winners will be sent a PM and will need to verify their identity to Cashsense.
  • Prizes may be collected at Cashsense office in Makati or by other appropriate delivery channels. Winners may contact customer support on +632 8133366.

Contest Page:

About Cashsense:
Incorporated in the Philippines in 2005, Cashsense has its roots firmly planted in technology. Initially as the payments processing division for a 300 strong technology company based in Manila, and subsequently – from May 2008 – as an independent Filipino company aimed squarely at overseas Filipino markets.

Cashsense has invested heavily in technology and in 2009 finished development of a much-enhanced Back Office platform. Simultaneously, a new website has been rolled out, designed to cater not only to the needs of online remitters worldwide but also to the burgeoning demand domestically for payroll and merchant Services.

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