Tiger Haunted Hunt: Trick or Treat at Ayala Alabang Village

Yesterday, Ayala Alabang Village (AAV), known as the Halloween Capital of the Philippines or the trick-or-treat paradise, experienced a different kind of trick-or-treat for the kids. For the first time, Kraft’s Tiger Energy Biscuit prepared a special activity called Tiger Haunted Hunt. The goal of this hunt was to look for the T, I, G, E, R booths wherein several activities were waiting for the kids.

T Station – Sulu Street

Activity: Participating kids needs to make 10 jump & jack!

I station – Palawan Street
Activity: Kids need to hop on one foot 10 times

G Station – Samar Street
Activity: Every participants need to run in 10 ft distance for 3 rounds

E Station: Lubang Street
Activity: Participants need to shout “BRING OUT THE TIGER”

R Station: Basila Park
Activity: Paw and Foot Challenge. Participants need to step on the paw images and spell the word TIGER

The activity was very tiring but I was amazed at the kids’ energy and eagerness to win. Want to know their secret? The secret to their ‘energy’ is Tiger Energy Biscuits with ENERMAXX. Enermaxx is a combination of nine essential vitamins and six minerals needed by children to gain that extra energy which was researched by the company. Tiger Energy Biscuits is the first biscuit in the Philippines to offer 9 important vitamins – Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, E – and 6 minerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphate, Zinc, and Sodium to support the nutritional needs of growing Filipino kids. Kraft’s Tiger Energy Biscuit aims to help parents provide their kids with the energy needed to win.

So what’s the scariest thing this Halloween?

nope. not them..

The scariest thing this Halloween are the treats you give to the kids. So help your kids eat right!

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