Nurture Network supports parents through circle of experts

Parenthood, as they say, is a 24-hour job.

There are no clear-cut rules and no crash courses to prepare one for this life-changing phase. With this, Wyeth Philippines has put together an online parenting resource hub designed specifically for parents by parents, which seeks to help moms and dads in this journey. Nurture Network provides reliable information on child care and development with individuals from various practices giving expert advice.

Nurture Network is a two-way interface where moms and dads can sign up and learn more about anything and everything on parenthood. The site has various sections devoted to helping parents with tips on caring for children. The different sections consist of articles with specific topics for the different angles of family life, health and safety.

Nurture Network’s panel of expert who are dedicated to make parenting and family life easier, more enjoyable and accessible to all. From left to right: Dr. Bernadette C. Benitez, Section Chief of the Development Pediatrics in Makati Medical Center; Ma. Isabel Sison Dionisio, co-founder of the Love Institute; Dr. Joycelyn Lara-Esguerra, Nurture Network’s expert on dental care; Chef Carina Guevara, partner/chef at The Stock Market and Chili Willys; Dr. Leticia Penano-Ho, clinical psychologist and current Chair and President of the Philippine Association for the Gifted; and Nieves Serra, Chief Dietitian at the Asia Hospital and Medical Center Alabang.

A section called “Health Talk” discusses how parents can take care of their family’s health and keep abreast with the latest health news and updates. A special section on “Womanhood” is also laid out for moms in helping them gain the strength they need in nurturing their families. Then there is also a more extensive section on family life in the “Sweet Home” section. It teaches parents how they can turn their literal and figurative homes into a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for their whole family.

The key section of the site though is the “Nurture Network Experts” where a lineup of experts present articles on their specific areas of expertise. The members can then ask these experts for follow-up questions and they will be given a professional opinion.

Nurture Network’s pediatrician is Dr. Bernadette Benitez, Section Chief of the Developmental Pediatrics Department in Makati Medical Center. For dental care, Dr. Joycelyn Frances R. Lara-Esguerra, former President of Philippine Dental Association, Mandaluyong Chapter as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Association of Functional Jaw Orthopedics, takes the lead. Ms. Nieves C. Serra, RND is Nurture Network’s nutritionist and dietitian. She is the Chief Dietitian at the Asian Hospital and Medical

Nurture Network’s pre-school teacher and all around expert on schooling, Ma Regina E. Tulio, owns the Creative Children Learning Center (CCLC) in Blue Ridge, Quezon City where she is also a directress. Family and relationship expert Maribel Dionisio has been with the RCW Foundation (Reintegration for Care and Wholeness) since 2004 as a marriage and family counselor. She is also a parenting consultant and columnist for Metro Working Mom Magazine.

Carina Arroyo-Guevarra Nurture Network’s in-house chef and culinary expert is a chef/partner for The Stock Market and Chili WIllys. Clinical psychologist and neurotherapist Dr. Leticia Penano-Ho is the current Chair and President of the Philippine Association for the Gifted and has spearheaded programs for the identification and nurture of gifted children and adolescents.

These features of the Nurture Network offer a full package for parents where help is easily accessible. The Careline and Fun Stuff sections offer more bonuses for member parents to help them in learning with other parents where they can ask, learn, and share the proper ways to care for and nurture their families.

Sign up now at and get the chance to win an HP Mini until November 4, 2010.

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