When the holiday season approaches, I find myself debating what to buy my loved ones. So I tried searching online on what’s the best present I can give to my loved ones. Good thing, I recently stumbled upon one of the best gift ideas ever!

When it comes to celebrating a major event or occasion in a person’s life, it can be difficult to find out the best way in how to show your pride and appreciation.

But there is a way to show your love, and one way that is affordable, simple and effective to show your love is with the easiest of items… baked goodies.  Can you think of anyone who does not like baked goodies?

Many of my friends and relatives are avid bakers so they have the patience, skill and talent to bake some cookies. Unfortunately, I am not as talented as them.

Thank God for PH Bakeshop as they are offering affordable Christmas Giveaways!

You can choose from Chocolate chip cookies, White Chocolate chip cookies, Revel Bites. It’s only P50 per pack! Ph Bakehouse’s home baked goodies are the perfect give-away this Christmas!

For inquiries please email: inquiries@projecthappinessbyiris.info

Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/phbakehouse

or text them at:

Problem solved! Now, I’ll start my search for the crash diets that work. Let’s face it, after Christmas and New Years holidays are over, you probably gained some weight. Many people will be making a new year’s resolution and one of the most common ones is to lose weight after Christmas. We are probably all guilty of over indulging at this time of year, and most of us want to lose weight after Christmas fast. The big question is how do you lose weight fast? You know how? I guess I need to make a separate post for several quick tips on how to start losing unwanted pounds after the holidays.

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